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I wasn t entirely sure what to expect here, it s a book clearly released some time ago, and I expect its been updated, but I do like to read a sample of the story and there wasn t one available Anyway, the description appealed enough for me to request and I am So Glad I did, and didn t miss reading this incredible love story Its an amazing story spanning several years, encompassing Aztec Gods and legends, racism, bigotry, Native Indians, violence, jealousy and revenge, young love and misunderstandings, all wrapped together in a story that s realistic, and still in many ways relevant today although its set back in historical times passionate and erotically sexy Those pages steamI loved Luiz Beautifully written Sad Sensuous Tragic It moved meutterly moved me.
He Was A Savage Warrior Determined To Make Her His Slave Of LoveHer Beauty Had Spilled Blood On Texas SoilIn A Blaze Of Glory, Ravishing Young Amy Sullivan Took Him As Her Lover In An Agony Of Torment, She Drove Him Away To Save His Life She Had Tried To Forget Him By Marrying Another Man But Now, Ten Years Later, He Had Returned, A Fierce Stranger Determined To Make Her His SlaveHis Pride Demanded Satisfaction In FleshTo His Enemies He Was El Capit N Luiz Quintano The Son Of A Spanish Grandee And An Aztec Princess, Tonatiuh Was Now A Military Commander He Had Learned To Guard His Heart Even As He Gave His Body With A Passion Born Of Vegneance And Hate He Thought He Could Destroy Her But The Love She Gave Was Real, A Maelstrom Of Fury, Remorse, And Desire That Would Engulf Them Both In Its Tidal Depths Nan Ryan gave me my love of reading This was the first Romance Novel i had ever read, and at the age of 14 stole it from my mom it was prob way to steamy for me But i fell in love with Tonatiuh and AmyThe orig book i had was lost over the years but my Great husband bought me a copy several years ago.
and i still take it out every so often just to re read and visit old friends I loved and still love this book thank you Nan Ryan for giving us such a great gift there are certain Authors that stick with us book junkies.
and Nan you are def one of mine Great book.
It s been long since I read old schooled cheesy Harlequin story and oh my, it doesn t aged well Perhaps in 1990, it was good but reading it in 2018 it s not The story feels like telenovela with lots of antagonists and so called drama and tragedy The characters are just as bad I really really hate Amy and it s really annoying to read her inner thought Luiz just meh I almost sure that I m gonna give one star but these lines alone successfully made me laugh and hence, two stars Amy winched in shock when the dark hand lying on her stomach began to move, to stroke gently Her head snapped around El Capit n was looking at her, those hot black eyes aglow I I thought you were asleep, she murmured You re desire, he said in a low, soft voice, awakened me.
It was boring and uneventful Though the heroine drove me nuts at times, this was an overall good read For me, some of the early bedroom scenes bordered on rape, but the characters grew throughout the story and this mellowed out Great story, loved the hero.

This has to be one of the best books I ve ever read I love this book Sweeping Texas Saga, a Story of Betrayal and RevengeThey met when they were teenagers in 1856, Luiz Quintano the proud son of an Aztec princess, and Amy Sullivan the beautiful daughter of a successful rancher His Spanish father supplied life giving water to the ranch and, in return, her father gave Luiz s father land Together the two fathers shared a friendship and the sprawling Texas hacienda, Orilla, hoping their children would one day marry.
Amy Sullivan took Tonatiuh Luiz Quintano s Indian name for her lover when she was sixteen They planned to wed But her brothers would not have it When their own father died, they killed Luiz father and then whipped Luiz to near death and left him in the desert In an effort to save his life and convince her brothers she didn t care for him, Amy joined in the whipping Ten years later,

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