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Ü Secret Rockford õ Download by Ü Michael Kleen What Do You Really Know About Rockford, Illinois Secret Rockford Pulls Back The Curtain To Reveal The Hidden Side Of Life In The Forest City Join Us As We Go Behind The Headlines To Explore The Interesting People, Places, And Events That Make Our City Unique On These Pages You Will Find The Unconventional, Gritty, And Sometimes Shocking Truth This Anthology Contains Many Snapshots Of Life In Rockford A History Of Mattison Machine Works The Battle Over A Mural In Roosevelt Middle School The Story Of A Simple Basketball Game With A Shoeless Youth The Truth About Local Connections To Organized Crime Infamous Murders The Day Santa Claus Fell From The Sky All Are Merely A Peek Behind The Curtain, But Each Contains Meaningful Truths About Our Rockford Experience Men And Women From All Walks Of Life Have Come Together To Share Their Stories In This Anthology They Are Journalists, Teachers, Writers, Photographers, Entrepreneurs, Or Just Average Citizens Who Are Being Published For The First Time All Have A Deep And Abiding Interest In Their Community Contributors Include Jeff Havens, Brandon Reid, Kathi Kresol, Jim Phelps, Kevin Rilott, Dan Creviston, Ted Biondo, DB Lane, Ernie Fuhr, Heath Alberts, Nicole Lindsay, Stanley Campbell, Karen Mahieu Lyddon, Scott Farrell, Jami Beck, And Michael Kleen This Is Our Story This Is Secret Rockford

Secret Rockfordis a compilation of mostly historical writing on the subject of Rockford The homegrown and published effort is respectable in that it attempts to showcase the talents and research of native Rockfordians on the subject of their largely unappreciated town Along with the grit of the present day industrial town comes a host of intriguing and macabre stories of murder and corruption While the book is a neat little package of essays on crime and societal erosion, a variety of themes are conveyed when the book is taken in its entirety pride, loss, fear, shame, hope, anxiety, and curiosity With this, readingSecret Rockford , with the varied essays and subject matter, one begins to understand the relationship Rockfordians have with their town As a Rockfordian, in many cases, stories made some sort of viscera

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