Þ Nice Dragons Finish Last (Heartstrikers, #1) ☆ Download by ✓ Rachel Aaron

Þ Nice Dragons Finish Last (Heartstrikers, #1) ☆ Download by ✓ Rachel Aaron Julius is a 24 year old dragon, the youngest and smallest in his family He s been cast out by mom because he basically spends all his time shut away in his room, earning online degrees, playing online games with humans and not even winning , and just basically not doing anything dragony enough with his dragon life Part of me sides with mom on this, even if she s a bitruthless about the way she goes about things All this because, as the title of the book suggests, Julius isthis and far less thisNow me, personally, I like my dragons to be dragons so it s little surprise that I got a bigger kick out of pretty much all the members of Julius family that appear in this story I freaking loved Justin And Bob, and Chelsea Even bad mom Bethesda gave me a chuckle or two In comparison, sweet and super earnest Julius just seems soboring He s a veritable boy scout, he is, but I didn t have any expectations when I picked this book up and was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable it was At first glance, one might mistake this for young adult fantasy Rest assured, it is not and neither does it have all the standard overused YA tropes which are prone to induce eye rolling.
This is an urban fantasy tale about dragons which are able walk the earth in human form Rachel Aaron created a really interesting world that takes place in the future where magic which had disappeared for over a thousand years ago came crashing back into earth While I ve not read a lot of urban fantasy aside from Dresden Files and Kate Daniels, I find that the premise of a futuristic, slightly dystopian earth with dragons living amongst human in our guise to be unique Draconic clans and politics, dragon seers and magic, emergence of magical spirits of the land 10 30 2017 AUDIBLE DAILY DEAL 4.
95 IS A STEAL Y ALL I ve talked about my rocky relationship with Urban Fantasy in the past It s often formulaic it usually doesn t satisfy my craving for a Fantasy adventure because of its tendency to focus on sexual encounters However, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Nice Dragons Finish Last The Heartstrikers are a large clan of dragons known for their ferocity power Headed up by their matriarch, Bethesda, they exude the type of unyielding superiority to be expected from any respectable family of dragons And then there s Julius Born without the personality or temperament of a good dragon, Julius is undoubtedly the black sheep of the Heartstriker clan As punishment for his lack of initiative, his mother seals him into his human form drops him in the middle of the Detroit Free Zone, where dragons are destroyed on sight if discovered.
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25Just try to forget I m watching your every move while silently judging you and make the decision as you normally would based on the information provided Thank You 3 3 StarsWhat a breath of fresh air Where has this book been in my tbr pile I should have dusted it off to read listened the audio is really good forever ago Another YA book that proves that you don t have to have sighing teenagers, whose eye dilate in a spectacular shade of blue and let out breaths they didn t know they were holding to have tension and a great story You could just actually have a plot and cool characters This was actually so good I don t even want to put it in my YA pile.
Julius is a horrible dragon He is the scrawniest least dragon like of all his many siblings He has no ambition to gain power, no drive to hoard treasure and he is nice to humans of all things His 5 dragons stars Oh My Goodness Gracious Me.
THIS BOOK I loved it I bought the audio version based on a recommendation well, a number of recommendations, really , and the fact it had been sat on my TBR list for a while I LOVE all things dragon I love fantasy I love magic I love world building I love character driven stories On occasion, and when done well, I love humour.
Nice Dragons Finish Last delivered everything and , and the audiobook narration by Vikas Adam made the experience all theenjoyable.
I m struggling on where to start with this There s so much to go over It s an urban fantasy without the urban fantasy tropes But despite the lack of expected stuff which can make a lot of urban fantasy boring , this book is t

5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum found this book surprisingly enjoyable or perhaps that ought not to be so surprising After all, I loved The Spirit Thief and the rollicking sci fi Paradox trilogy that the author wrote under her pen name Rachel Bach Still, combining dragons, magic, dystopia, humor and urban fantasy Seemed just a tad ambitious But boy, does Aaron pull it off with flying colors I think Nice Dragons Finish Last may be my favorite book from her yet I also had the pleasure of listening to the audio version of this book and it was fantastic.
Meet Julius, the smallest dragon in the Heartstriker clan He isn t a pushover so much as he s just downright terrible at being a dragon He s nice, considerate, has no designs on taking Full review now posted Rating 3.
5 stars Sometimes, it doesn t pay to be nice But it s always the right decision Even if you re a dragon.
Julius Heartstiker is having a hard day His mom kicked him out with nothing but the clothes on his back, and has threatened to eat him if he doesn t mend his ways By mend, she means stop being so darn nice Why is being nice a problem, and what kind of mother threatens to eat her child Well, the answer to both of those questions is DRAGON, because that s what Julius and his mother and his dozens upon dozens of siblings are dragons However, Julius s draconic form has been sealed, leaving him helplessly human in the only city in the world where dragons are illegal Understandably, chaos ensues.
Urban fantasy is one of my favorite genres for when I m stressed or tired or just need an escape The genre doesn t tend to I really like Ms Aaron as an author I loved Eli Monpress and now I have Heartstrikers.
From a purely narrative standpoint, the story was a lot of fun Great pacing, compelling characters, and an interesting story line You will likely read many reviews to that end I hope you also read some great reviews about how kindness isn t weakness and finding your own identity This will not be that review.
I will focus on the art of collaborative negotiation as taught by this book These lessons are important to me because my job entails a fair amount of negotiation And I am terrible at some forms of negotiation, and middling in others I do best at collaborative negotiation negotiations pursing win win solutionsNegotiation Lesson 1 Not all Negotiations need to be aggressive When I was 6, I was the MVP of perhaps the worst socc 3.
5 5 starsThis is literally the second urban fantasy book that I enjoyed reading.
My great friend, TS, recommended this to me since the end of 2016 She said, I know you have a long TBR but I think you might like this Fast forward almost one year six month later, here I am Yes, I have a long TBR, who doesn t As far as I know, Heartstrikers is one of thepopular and well received self published series, ever since my friend recommended it to me, I ve seen tons of people loving this series and even though urban fantasy is not my favorite genre, I m happy that I found this one highly enjoyable.
There are several reasons why I think the book ended up becoming enjoyable to me but most of all it s because I started this one knowing what the mood and tone of the book will be, and that is fun and light hearted The plot revolves around Julius, a 24 years old dragon consider As The Smallest Dragon In The Heartstriker Clan, Julius Survives By A Simple Code Keep Quiet, Don T Cause Trouble, And Stay Out Of The Way Of Bigger Dragons But This Meek Behavior Doesn T Fly In A Family Of Ambitious Magical Predators, And His Mother, Bethesda The Heartstriker, Has Finally Reached The End Of Her Patience Now, Sealed In Human Form And Banished To The DFZ A Vertical Metropolis Built On The Ruins Of Old Detroit Julius Has One Month To Prove That He Can Be A Ruthless Dragon Or Kiss His True Shape Goodbye Forever But In A City Of Modern Mages And Vengeful Spirits Where Dragons Are Considered Monsters To Be Exterminated, He S Going To Need Some Serious Help To Survive This Test He Only Hopes Humans Are Trustworthy Than Dragons

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