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[Lynne Graham] ✓ The Mistress Wife [fantasy-of-manners PDF] Read Online ↠´ When some hussy admits in print that she didn t have sex on a yacht with Lucca Saracino, he s totally vindicated Finally, this means that everything that went wrong in his marriage was his wife s fault.
He sends her a copy of the story, because she s an academic and probably doesn t read newspapers Vivien is naturally shocked She leaves her 18 month old son with her bitter sister Bernice, and rushes down to London to apologise And, tell him she wants to put their marriage back together, before their divorce is final in a few weeks Because, she s still in love with him.
Vivien is annoying She s a fern professor, which sounds like an interesting job, but she has almost zero ability to manage her own problems S I love Lynne Graham, bit wowza, when she is off she is OFF The idiot heroine here is the worst kind of heroine She s not sweet, she s not gullible, she s out and out criminally stupid If she had a cold, someone would have to tell her to blow her own nose Take that plot moppet away Bad enough she believes the hero s cheating without questioning it but blandly accepting it, but the bullying bee yotch Bernice just kiboshed the deal.
I can t speak to what the hero is like because I never got that far.
Convinced That Lucca, Her Billionaire Italian Husband, Had Been Having An Affair, Vivien Saracino Left Him Even Though She Was PregnantNow Vivien Has Discovered That Lucca Might Not Be Guilty She S Determined To Win Him Back, If Only For The Sake Of Their Small ChildBut Lucca Is In No Mood For A Tender Reconciliation He Will Have His Wife Again, But On His Termsas His Mistress I will never re read this book again I read it years ago and my eyes still burn from the scene when she discovers he hasn t been faithful while they were apart and cries on the stairs It is imprinted on my brain and one of the most heartbreaking scenes in my HP history I hated the hero I hated how he let the divorce go through and then gloated about it and I hated everything about him I can never read this book again Please don t make me It was horrible.
Vivien starts off as the most unlikable, dowdy, boring and insipid heroine that Lynne G has ever created in my opinion I think, in retrospect, that I dislike herthan that shrieking harpy from His Queen by Desert Decree I wasn t too fond of Lucca either but strangely enough it was Vivien who drove me up the f g wall with her lack of a personality The woman has no fashion sense I ve seen 80 yr old grandmas that dress better than Vivien , she is a timid block of wood in the bedroom and her insecurity especially when she s pretty were all quite aggravating If Vivien had not been such an insecure wet dishrag then she wouldn t have believed that slutbunny s tabloid tale of lies so easily Vivien is not even a capabl This is a thornier story than Lynne Graham s usual fare The PHd in botony heroine thought her billionaire husband was cheating, so she left him while she was pregnant with their son Now, two years later, the real story has come out in the tabloids and the heroine realizes she was wrong She goes to the hero to beg forgiveness and to save their marriage.
Divorce proceedings have already begun, the hero is still angry about not being trusted and he is insulting to the heroine But, in the end, he agrees to a temporary truce so he can spendtime with his son Plus, he wants the heroine in his bed.
The hero is pretty awful to her it s understandable but not easy to read about His softening toward her begins in his thoughts one telling thought was this little droll narrative about the heroine s tragic dress sense Vivien chose an ice blue dress L I read The Mistress Wife ten years ago but didn t recall it Usually I put a little red check in the upper front page to mark my books as read but forgot to do it for this book.
So I m reading along, and thinking, Wow Lynne Graham s stories are all the sameor less and except for a very rare few In this one a hot, wealthy Italian business man falls for a beautiful but she doesn t know it , shy, naive, smart but dumb heroine named Vivien Usually Graham s heroines have names that end in y, i or ie, so that s probably why I didn t catch on at first that I had read this one, although her husband does call her Vivi Sexy, right That nickname just reminds me of the term vivisection, which is not romantic to me.
Vivien and Lucca married but her insecurities allowed her to believe the worst when her husband was accused of adultery in

I give this five stars because the whole thing is so ludicrous that only LG could pull this off and I pretty much laughed my way through it Technically the H doesn t cheat, official and legal separation and divorce paperwork was filed, they were pretty much divorced and indeed the divorce comes through before the end of the book Even in HPlandia, if the paperwork is filed, I am going to give other relationships a pass The h doesn t like it, but really, if she left and was done, what is there to wait for The H did wait for over a year and the divorce was well under way, she wasn t even talking to him and he had no reason to not move on Even with Melanie Milburne s horror of a book Innocent Wife, Baby of Shame I did not accuse the H of cheating, the divorce paperwork had been filed Vivian was an utter idiot, she finally g Tell me what is there to trust And since he DID cheat, HOW does it give him right to demand fidelity from his wife and WHAT gives him right to be offended at heroine not being able to trust him He WASN T trustworthy and he just proved it.
Heroine really should have let him divorce her That was the only time he actually thought about her.
Read Debbie s 1 star review of The Mistress Wife by Lynne Grahamhttps www.
com review show I loved the angst, but it makes me crazy when the hero is unfaithful with other women during separation which he could have tried to end but was too proud and gets away with it He acted like he was single, partied on his yacht with other women, left his wife at home and treated her like crap but is surprised she didn t trust him And then after they split, instead of swallowing pride and explaining the truth, he cheats on her for a year They were still married and he objects to notion of her being with other men so it was cheating Great scene when she learns about his other women, and he finally realizes how he s hurt her, but but he never answered question of how many There is also a lot of evidence that he was a serious jerk and vengeful He deserved to suffer through heroin

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