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Well written toaster oven books are my favorite kind and Georgia Beers nailed it.

Just love how she wrote Melanie's uncertainty as she came to grips with her own sexual orientation.

Was very well done.
I originally rated this book 4 stars when I read it on 2012.
My reread has made me realize how much I liked this book, so I'm upgrading it to 5 stars :)
This is my first Georgia Beers book and it won’t be my last.
This is a sweet coming out story, the kind where a character falls in love for the first time with someone of their own sex.
Just the kind I really like.

What I liked: Melanie is at a turning point in her life and is in limbo about what she’ll do.
Until this point, she’s focused solely on her career, putting love on the back burner.
As far as she knows, she’s straight, until she meets Taylor.
What I loved is that how she falls for Taylor is done nice and slowly.
No big shocks or freaking out about what she starts feeling, just a nice slow progression of opening up to and acceptance that she might be a lesbian.

Melanie decides to take over a bookstore her uncle bought for her cousin after her cousin blows off, but realizes that since the big box stores are major competition, she nee Going back to the beginning of Georgia Beers and what a delightful read.
A lovely page turner with warm and delicious characters.
Melanie, a corporate exec who leaves the rat race and winds up with a slower and more rewarding life.
Taylor, the younger woman, who leaves the abusive lover for her own sanity.
A bookstore, a sexual awakening and steamy love.
All the elements for a great story.
I really enjoy Georgia Beers an you will too!

Loved this.
An easy read, with characters you can relate to.
I recently discovered Georgia Beers as an author and read every one of her books within a couple of weeks! They are all well written and easy to lose yourself in.
Refreshing to find some lesbian fiction that isn't just erotica! I love this novel but I liked the cover of the first edition better! I wanted to give this another star because I really kind of enjoyed it.
But two things stopped me.
Her constant reference to "the older woman" when talking about Melanie and the way the writing never really spoke about the women without some odd ball descriptor: brunette, older, redheaded, etc.
It bothered me.
I also found the line about Taylor not tasting "like tuna" offensive.
But even with all of that I enjoyed the story.
Predictable & boring unfortunately! Melanie Larson Is An Attractive, Extremely Successful Business Executive Who Shocks Herself By Resigning From Her Job When Her Company Merges With Another And Relocates While Trying To Decide What To Do With Her Life Next And At The Urging Of Her Uncle, Melanie Heads To Rochester, New York, To Stay Temporarily With Her Cousin Samantha She Hopes To Use Her Business Savvy In An Attempt To Help Sam Sort Out The Financial Woes Of Her Small bookstore During Her Stay, Melanie Meets And Becomes Close To The Family That Owns The Property On Which Samantha Lives, The Charming Benjamin Rhodes, A Distinguished, Successful Businessman, As Well As His Beautiful And Intriguing Daughter Taylor Surprised By What And How She Feels For Each Of Them, Melanie Is Soon Forced To Face The Facts And Reexamine What's Really Important To Her In Life, Career And Love

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