↠´ Nanny Jodie ☆ Download by ↠´ Sara Tyr

↠´ Nanny Jodie ☆ Download by ↠´ Sara Tyr Andrew Is Sick And Tired Of His Wife S Attitude Now That Miranda Is In Charge At Work, She Thinks She Can Be In Control At Home Too Yes, She Is Brilliant And Beautiful, But He Can T Stand Much Of His Wife S Condescending Attitude He Decides He Wants A DivorceHis Decision Gets A Lot Easier When He Realizes That Miranda Has Been Illegally Moving Money Around With This Nugget Of Information, He Can Blackmail Her Into Giving Him Whatever He Wants But Before He Gets The Chance To Tell Her, A Woman Shows Up At His House With A DeclarationShe Says That Her Name Is Nanny Jodie, And She Is There To Offer Him A Deal Miranda Has Decided She Wants Andrew As A Baby Boy She Ll Take Care Of Him And Treat Him As A Toddler He Ll Revoke All Rights And Authority At First, Andrew Thinks This A Joke This Woman Can T Be Serious But When She Pulls Out A Syringe And Injects Him With A Sedative, Andrew Learns Just How Resolved She Really IsAndrew Wakes In A Crib Diapered And Dressed Like A Toddler, He Tries To Get Out He Makes A Fuss, Which Draws The Attention Of His Nanny Back Into The Room Now His Training Can BeginThere Is A Punishment Device Around The Base Of His Penis With The Tap Of A Button, Nanny Jodie Can Shock The Little Boy Into Obedience Whenever He Tries To Defy Her She Isn T Above Firm Spankings Or Using Humiliation To Punish Him Either Like It Or Not, Andrew Has Lost His Adulthood He Ll Be A Happy Little Boy Who Drinks From Bottles, Routinely Uses His Diapers, And Crawls On The Floor He Can Forget About Having Any Rights Or Power From Now On, He Belongs To Miranda And Nanny JodiePublisher S Note This , Word Novella Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Imagery, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Adult Content Includes Diapers, Feeding, Dubious Consent, Bondage, Spanking, Punishment, Teasing, Humiliation, And Light Exhibitionism

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