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[V.W. Singer] Ç Workhouse [green PDF] Ebook Epub Download º This book was so very different to anything I have read before It wasn t as dark as I expected but it was no fairy tale either It had elements of FF relationships but was far from a lesbian romance I was fascinated reading about what drove the women in the story to seek out Lady Fitzhugh s workhouse, not that everyone was permitted The selection process was just as interesting Once permitted the women had to live by certain rules, and god help them if they misbehaved or broke them The Punishments had me delighted and clapping, yet squirming and crossing my legs at the same time It was interesting reading how the same punishment could break one woman yet another could find intense pleasure from the pain and become high is forcing the removal of this and my other books If you are interested, they are still available from including for Kindle s CommentsThe Workhouse was invented in Victorian Britain mostly England as a solution to the masses of poor and homeless that flooded the streets of the cities They were created with the best of intentions Shelter, food, rehabilitation from the scourge of drunkenness, reducing the endemic prostitution, all in the name of social good and godliness Giant complexes in which the poor were housed, clothed, fed, and put to useful work.
But like most good intentions, things quickly took an unexpected turn The people hired to manage the Workhouses were not motivated by such high ideals The opportunity for corruption, theft of funds, and sheer bullying was too much for most to resist Families were split up, men, women, and children, each to

The Lady House is Lady Chastity Fitzhugh s solution to multiple problems at once.
Lesbianism was difficult to indulge in, when it was socially unacceptable Sadism and BDSM similarly so.
She hits on the idea to open a Workhouse for middle to upper class ladies down on their luck, who she can coax into lesbian sex and sadism, while improving their lot in life through tradeskills and learning, as well as connecting young ladies to job opportunities.
The plot is just the telling of the story of Lady Fitzhugh, so this is mostly erotica It is well written, though.
Characters were good, and had their own voice but there were so many of them I would have preferred if Chastity molly or Chastity Minerva had been the focus, Young Lady Chastity Fitzhugh Was A Wealthy Heiress She Was Also By Nature A Lover Of Women And A Sexual Sadist However, She Was A Sadist Lacking Any Victims, Since Victorian Propriety Made Any Kind Of Sexual Adventure Nearly Impossible For An Unmarried Woman Then She Was Inspired By The Example Of The Newly Reformed Workhouses For The Poor, Which Subjected The Inmates To A Harsh And Draconian Regime There Were No Equivalent Institutions In Existence To Aid Upper Class Women In Financial Difficulty, Or To Provide Them With Educational Opportunities Inspired By The Workhouses, Chastity Creates The Lady House, A Place Of Refuge And Hope For Attractive Impoverished Ladies Of Good Breeding And Backgrounds Provided They Committed Themselves Completely To Satisfying Chastity S Lustful DesiresVictorian Naughtiness, Lesbian Sex, Flagellation And Delicious Sexual Torments Await All Visitors To The Lady House And You Are Most Cordially Invited

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