Trailer ¹ Darlas Story (Ashfall, #0.5) PDF by ✓ Mike Mullin

Trailer ¹ Darlas Story (Ashfall, #0.5) PDF by ✓ Mike Mullin Darla is a badass Love how clever and sassy she is This was an excellent novella that gives youbackground on Darla, who is a very strong and interesting character If you loved the Ashfall trilogy, you ll want to read this novella, just to have a bittime in that world I have also heard that a 4th book might be added to the trilogy in 2018, so I am very hopeful It s a very dark, gritty, violent, and fascinating post apocalyptic story, so if you can t handle violence or gore, you might want to pass on this However, the depth of the ugliness of the world after a super volcano explodes and coats the world in ash is fascinating, and the terribleness of humanity is offset by the beauty of it The two are always at odds with each other, but it makes for an interesting, if dark and intense, read Pages 70 Darla Edmunds Has Faced A Lot Of Challenges In Her Seventeen Years Her Dad Died In A Farming Accident When She Was Fourteen Her Mother Retreated Into Hyper Religiosity, Leaving Darla To Run The Family Farm Almost Single Handedly But Those Struggles Pale In Comparison To The One She Faces After The Yellowstone Supervolcano Erupts, Plummeting The World And Darla S Small Corner Of Iowa Into A Cataclysmic Natural Disaster Darla and Alex were each caught in the aftermath of the Yellowstone supervolcano eruption, but Darla had a few advantages She wasn t alone, for one Alex had to ski one hundred forty miles through ash clogged streets in search of his parents, while Darla was on the farm with her mother when calamity struck Darla was also better informed about the disaster descending upon the United States Alex heard a few tidbits and theories from his neighbors before leaving to find his parents, but Darla received a clear explanation via her radio before all transmissions ended The future has never been on shakier ground, but Darla is luckier than most After the earthquakes, the same ear splitting noise that Alex endured in the first book assaults the area where Darla lives The roaring This was the first time I tried reading a book, actually a novella, in English How to say, it was really an exciting experience In this novella, you will find Darla s life right after the supervolcano until the moment Alex appeared on her door Once again, Darla appeared to be a clever girl since she figured out how to go to the barn, which was just 10 meter from her house, or made a pump to take water from the well, or fixed the tractor She was a good hearted girl, but a stupid selfish woman then caused her suspection, unfriendliness and indifference to Alex.
It s just a short story and there s nothing to write here But I have to say that I love Darla since the trilogy I ve already said in those reviews in the trilogy that I hate super dumb Alex who brought all dangerous situation to D Also posted at Sporadic ReadsMike Mullin s Ashfall Series , is one of the best dystopian stories out there After picking up the first book, I had to read the next Unfortunately, the last book, Sunrise, is set to be released on April 2014 It s a wonderful thing that Mullin gave us this novella whilst waiting for said book Darla is the best person that Alex, the male protagonist of the series, met In this book, we learnedabout Darla s background and family life We get to have a peek in the mind of Darla, whose reaction upon seeing Alex for the first time, was justified Now, I understand why she reacted the way she did when Alex collapsed in their barn during book 1.
Darla isn t your typical teen She s got a lot of sass She works hard She knows her way around tools and machinery Her dad taught her well She s th I m a big fan of the Ashfall series and had already read this when it first came out but I decided to try the audio and see Well I loved it Sarah Chevalier did a great job with Darla She really captured her spirit and drive I thoroughly enjoyed her performance The story is from Darla s POV from the eruption till when she meets Alex Now there isn t anything new in this that we didn t already know from the first book but I loved seeing it actually from Darla s POV and not just told by her You truly get a sense of how tough and resilient she is and it just makes me love her characterIf you re new to the Ashfall series, I urge you to read it Mike Mullin is a very talented author and the series as a whole is phenomenal If you re unsure then start with Ashfall and then read this, you won t be sorry

I love Darla Awesome little story.
I wished Darla had of run over Ruth a littlethoroughly too.
Darla is an amazing human SO MUCH ANGST.
And it s not even angst, it s RAGE I fucking hate Ruth like I ve not hated a character since god Maybe Levana But Ruth s not even a VILLAIN, okay She s an idiot My brain seriously paints her as that one aunt who has taken to technology so wholeheartedly that she literally cannot function without it BEYOND no common sense here I honestly have no clue how Ruth has lasted as long as she has, because she can t even stop to think things out.
ALL THAT NONSENSE ASIDE This story is fantastic I loved getting to see where Darla came from, how she and her mom dealt with the ashfall, and just get that peek into her life that we don t see through Alex s eyes in the first book Character backstories are something I LIVE for, and I didn t think it was possible for me to love Darlathan I did after reading the Ashfall trilogy I was wrong This girl is one of the best characters I ve ever

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