Download Epub Format ↠´ Assisted PDF by ↠´ John Stockton

Download Epub Format ↠´ Assisted PDF by ↠´ John Stockton For me, probably like 3.
5 stars since I got bored at times, especially with some of the sports aspect.
I really liked learning about John Stockton and the things that made him such a great basketball player and a great person I feel that we were lucky in Utah to have him be a part of the Jazz team so long as well as an outstanding member of the community.
H algumas semanas eu assisti a um documentario da NBA TV chamado Class of 84 O filme abordava aquele que foi o melhor draft da historia da NBA, com o melhor piv que vi jogar Hakeem Olajuwon , o maior esportista de todos os tempos MJ o ra udo, figura a e fenomenal tendo em vista sua estatura pouco privilegiada para um ala, Sir Charles Barkley e aquele, dentre todos, o meu favorito John Stockton Uma das coisas que mais chamou aten o no document rio, ali s, foi o contraste entre a serenidade e humildade de Stockton e a arrog ncia do brasileiro Oscar , draftado em 100 e tra la la pelo Nets e que nunca teve culhao de jogar a NBA, mas se portava no video como se fosse maior que Michael Jordan Stockton, em poucas frases deixou claro que estava na NBA apenas para ajudar seus companheiros dolo da inf ncia, confo 5 STARSI found myself reading and enjoying to get to know about the player John Stockton It also brought lots of memories to my mind.
Like the shot that sent them to the finals Had to wear purple that week How when I used to watch the Jazz games my little girl loved it when they announced Stockton to Malone.
This is a easy to follow book I did not want to put it down I liked how hard he worked and the values that John Stockton has It shows some good insights in life lessons.
This is a book for sports fans, for inspiring people of all ages to go for your dreams with hard work For the young and old For men and woman to enjoy I think a broad range of people will enjoy John s story.
As a fan of Jazz basketball thank you for your hard work We are glad you played in Utah for so long You represented the Jazz and USA D I love John Stockton and am glad I read this book The book is truly a window into Mr Stockton s life, experience and viewpoints Two nits First, Mr Stockton says that he will not write a tell all about the NBA locker room and associated matters Ok I respect that He did not want this to be Ball Four However, I think he should have been explicit and detailed about his experiences, even if he was critical of others Just my opinion Second, the book would have benefitted from a real ghost writer or editor Mr Stockton is not a writer Fine But his co author, Kerry L Pickett, is not a writer either his dreadful poetry sprinkled in the chapter intros confirms this Another co author, or at least an editor who could reduce the use of exclamation points, unnecessary quotation marks and cliches, would have helped immensely.
Going into this book, I knew I would enjoy it John Stockton was one of my favorite basketball players However, I didn t realize I would enjoy it as much as I did If you re a basketball fan, I would say it s a must read Stockton gives you his account of everything that transpired in his career, including stories of his unique contract negotiants with Larry Miller, different stories about his two stints in the Olympic team, as well as some humorous stories about different games, coaches, and practices While the focal point is his basketball career, there is Stockton has to offer He talks a lot about the importance of family, hard work, perseverance, and other important points of life It really is an inspiring book that shows you just how humble and down to earth the hall of game point guard is.

I am so glad I listened to the audio version John Stockton not only reads it, he does a suprisingly great job AND where there Frank Layden quotes numerous , Stockton does a fun, fairly accurate Frank Layden impression It takes a special kind of character to achieve Stockton s greatness and retain any humility If I had 1% of Stockton s fame and success, I am quite confident that I would be completely unbearable Yet, Stockton is completely humble His successes are always viewed as collective efforts for which he is indebted to others Coach Pickett, the nuns at his Catholic schools growing up, his Mom and Dad, Larry Miller, Karl Malone and on and on He even heaps praise upon obscure, 12th man teammates who only the most dedicated Jazz fans will remember, or very mediocre players you do remember For example, anyone who really remembers THE SHOT in 1997 also remembers that midway through I loved this book I ve always been a fan of Stockton the basketball player, but knew little about him as a person due to his quiet, private nature This book provides insight into John Stockton as a person I truly admire his work ethic and attitude It was also great to hear some of his experiences on the two Olympic teams he was on, as well as his two shots at the NBA finals, and the road getting there I totally recommend this to any fan of Stockton and the golden era of the Utah jazz There s also something there for anybody looking for an interesting story of a guy that achieved great things through hard work.
My superhero Utah Jazz point guard provides a nostalgic look back to the time our family lived in Logan, Utah and followed and rooted for the Jazz He is without fail, kind to all who were a part of his life then I have good memories of the Jazz twice coming so close to an NBA championship Personalities such as Karl Malone, Jerry Sloan, Thurl Bailey, and Mark Eaton are well described and thanked by Stockton An enjoyable read.
I wish I could give this 12 stars Not just in memory of a childhood hero, but because this book was really that good It s been sitting in my book shelf since I got it signed by John Stockton himself And so I finally decided that I would pick this one up and read it This book brought back so many memories from the better parts of growing up I wanted nothing than to be the next John Stockton I looked up to him so much, and to this day he is my all time favorite player and probably athlete I don t remember all the reasons, but the one that stands out is that he was short, just like me But enough of the reminiscing This book is a 12 star book for reasons beyond the fact that I loved John Stockton growing up Stockton, was is so real He was is so humble, so kind, so loving, so grateful, so inspiring, and so wise, just to name a few The book wasn t as much about John Stockt John Stockton S Autobiography, Assisted, Pulls Back The Curtain On His Very Personal Life To Show Fans A Thoughtful Recounting Of The People, Places, And Events That Have Connected With John Along His Path Of Extraordinary Success This Book Clearly Illustrates The Importance Of His Family, His Faith, And His Unparalleled Competitive Spirit

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