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Trailer · (In a Sense) Lost and Found PDF by ñ Roman Muradov A beautiful but obtuse book The artwork is a bit like Matisse, Picasso, and Chris Ware all having a fight, which would be great if the images weren t frequently so dense and with a colour palette so dark that it s hard to tell what is actually happening On top of that you have a vague plot and some forced awkward language that felt like it was trying a bit too hard I feel with a bittime, effort, and re reads I could probably get somethingout of this but as it stands, it s either too sophisticated or too nebulous to have made much impact on me.
I am at a total loss here This book has some sort of meaning that is beyond me A young woman wakes up one morning and can t find her innocence She has written that as the first sentence of her story Never again is the lost item ever mentioned by name However everyone knows what she has lost They can tell by looking at her She is told to stay in her room till she finds it Leaving by her window, she is haunted by the stares For some reason her skirt gives her away She hides out in a bookstore, enters a strange underground place, perhaps an apothecary s, finds where her missing thing has been sold sent given to and tries to get it back This is a haunting world The art is dark, has some very strange Picasso moments, Seussian buildings, very surreal, metaphysical I have absolutely no idea what is really happening here, what is going on or what it means but the story, combin I found this immensely interesting, strangely disturbing and oddly gratifing as Muradov takes us on a journey with our unnamed female lead as she awakens to find that she has lost something, a something that is never identified but is none the less important especially as far as everyone else is concerned She spends much of the book trying to find this something while questioning whether she really needs it, finally coming to her own conclusion rather than blindly accepting what she is told by everyone else I think this is a story that you take your own message from to a certain extent as Muradov leaves much for the reader to decide the meaning of, which for me adds to what his overall message is, basically make your own choices and decisions and do what is right for you.
This is one of those graphic novels that s difficult to describe A woman wakes up one day to discover that her innocence has gone missing As she heads out to search for it, she is stared at, mocked, and chastised for leaving the house without it Embarrassed, she seeks refuge in a bookstore where she meets a curious old man Her quest to recover her innocence continues and she discovers that there s something of a black market for innocence But is it true innocence Can one even regain their innocence once it s been lost The world of In a Sense Lost and Found is quite surreal The artwork, mostly in shades of brown, is tinged with hints of Picasso The language is whimsical, to say the least There s some amusing and occasionally confusing wordplay at work to add to the off kilter nature of the story In the end, I felt like I was missing something and it wasn t my innocence this is a very The story is interesting, the thing that broke my heart about this book is that you can barely see the illustrations I blame the quality of the paper, but honestly, the colour is just so DARK that it makes impossible for you to distinguish what you re seeing It just looks like a blurred shadow at times Which is a shame, because from the little I could see, it looks amazing and very creative.

I m not entirely sure what to make of the narrative, but I need to go back through this to catchof the moving parts It begins and ends with references to a dream, and this is perhaps the way to take in this work as if you re trying to make sense of a dream The art is one of the highlights here, and it reminds me a little of Seth.
Lovely poetic read Why people find this confusing reading is beyond me, it s an artistic fairy tale like story with a a pretty simple message be like you wish to be despite what other people think and you ll be happier At least that s what I got from it It sabout enjoying the art work than following a plot or understanding some elaborate message.
Super oblique but so beautiful.
This book has magic in it It s unique and based on my skimming of reviews for this as of now rated 3.
32 book, it s also confusing to a lot of people It has a range of unique things, though The art is really accomplished and fascinating It reminds me of the art of Luke Pearson, who writes a rave blurb for it but it s darker, with lots of browns and black.
it s got a little Matisse in it.
and I dunno, David B, dark fantasy, deliberately disorienting It s for pages on end wordless, which I like, but when people do speak, it is surreally, with sometimes made up words and clever malaprops and surrealistic silliness The darkness of the art speaks to the underlying seriousness of the kind of allegory it shares, of a woman who has awakened one morning from tro In A Sense Lost And Found, The First Graphic Novel By Rising Star Roman Muradov, Explores The Theme Of Innocence By Treating It As A Tangible Object Something That Can Be Used, Lost, And Mistreated Muradov S Crisp, Delicate Style Conjures A World Of Strange bookstores, Absurd Conspiracies, And Charming Wordplay A Surreal Tale In The Mold Of The Best American Alternative Comics, In A Sense Retains Its Distinctly Eastern PerspectiveRoman Muradov Was Born In Moscow, Russia He Now Resides In San Francisco, California

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