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Download Epub Format ¹ Kopenhaga PDF by × Grzegorz Wróblewski Kopenhaga Is The First Comprehensive Collection Of Prose Poetry By Grzegorz Wr Blewski, One Of Poland S Leading Contemporary Writers The Book Offers A Series Of Vignettes From The Crossroads Of Politics And Culture, Technology And Ethics, Consumerism And Spirituality It Combines Two Tropes The Emigrant S Double Identity And The Ethnographer S Search For Patterns While Ostensibly Focused On Denmark, It Functions As An Investigation Of Alterity In The Post Cold War Era Of Ethnic Strife And Global Capitalism Whether He Writes About Refugees In Copenhagen One Of Europe S Major Transnational Cities , Or The Homeless, Or The Mentally Ill, Or Any Other Marginalized Group, Wr Blewski Points To The Moral Contradictions Of A World Supposedly Without Borders There Is Something Strange And Indecent About People Who Suddenly Dispose Of Their Libraries Recently, The Well Off R Appeared At My Door With A Carton Of books He Is Moving And There Is No Space For Them In His New Apartment Which Is Probably Bigger Than The Previous One This Is How Formyby Tadeusz R Zewicz Czytelnik, Warsaw St Edition Ended Up In Christianshavn Last Sentence Of The Volume Amid All This Din We Walk Toward Silence, Toward ExplanationGrzegorz Wr Blewski, Born In In Gdansk And Raised In Warsaw, Has Been Living In Copenhagen Since He Has Published Ten Volumes Of Poetry And Three Collections Of Short Prose Pieces In Poland Three books Of Poetry, A Book Of Poetic Prose And An Experimental Novel In Denmark A Book Of Selected Poems In Bosnia Herzegovina And A Selection Of Plays His Work Has Been Translated Into Fifteen Languages His Poems In English Translation Appear In Many Journals, Anthologies, And Chapbooks, As Well As In Two Collections Our Flying Objects Equipage Press, And A Marzipan Factory Otoliths, Translator Piotr Gwiazda Has Published Two books Of Poetry, Messages Pond Road Press, And Gagarin Street Washington Writers Publishing House, He Is Also The Author Of James Merrill And WH Auden Homosexuality And Poetic Influence Palgrave Macmillan, He Is An Associate Professor Of English At The University Of Maryland Balti County UMBC Alien To Joycean Effulgence, Kopenhaga Is Nonetheless A Book Of Silence, Exile, And Cunning Silence Instead Of Moralizing In The Face Of Modernity S Indignities Exile From Native Land And Language Cunning In Cajoling These Conditions To Sing A New Song, One Lacking In All Jubilation, Still Somehow Victorious In The Absolute Character Of Defeat Grim, Glancingly Beautiful, Always Necessary Joshua Clover Wr Blewski Is The True Poetic Chronicler Of Our St Century Diaspora In All Its Absurdities And Anxieties Kopenhaga, His Book Of Aphoristic Prose Poems, Pulls Out All The Rhetorical Stops To Present Us With A Relentless, Sardonic, And Hilarious Picture Of A Culture At Once Highly Particular And Yet Anyculture As Insane As It Is Public Spirited And Kindly Kopenhaga Is A Journey To The End Of The Night That Always Makes A U Turn In The Middle, To Take In The Latest Folly And Also Self Rescue Mission Of The Transplant read It And Weep And Then Laugh Marjorie Perloff Wr Blewski Has Written One Of The Most Important books Of Our Time These Are At Once Unsettling And Comforting, Timely And Wryly Moving Poems About The Laughable Annoyances, Limited Joys, And The Never Fully Present Sorrows Of Cosmopolitanism, The Life Of The Citizens Of The World Gwiazda Has Rendered This Study In A Language Full Of Water And Shouting And Whalers I Can Think At The Moment Of No Better Book For You To read In This Our Immense And Always New Copenhagen Gabriel Gudding Really difficult to grade this book of prose poetry writings by Polish poet writer Grzegorz Wroblewski It s style is so unique it s too difficult to try and compare it to anyone These are musings, observations, prayers, pleas, anecdotes, all blended fragments of the poet s experience of living in Copenhagen an exile , a migrant, a fellow traveller, whatever he is I don t know enough about East European poetry to give a detailed critique, or even a sketchy one, but I know that the exile theme is a much explored one one s place in the world, in a city, in a soul Wroblewski brings a newness to this, it s shocking and endearing and funny too.
I read it very very slowly, a few pages, extracts a week Needs to be savoured, this does.
There is much to learn from any immigrant story, but the genre s homogenization has caused it to lose some of its luster To everyone s benefit, however, Wr blewski s Kopenhaga, expertly translated from the Polish and introduced by poet Piotr Gwiazda, fits the category only partially In fact, it restores our faith in immigrant literature by insisting that the story be necessarily fragmented, both stylistically and thematically Piotr Florczyk, Santa Monica, CaliforniaThis book was reviewed in the May 2014 issue of World Literature Today read the full review by visiting our website Where are you from Where are you from Hvor kommer du fra The most common question, by Copenhagen standards Where did you come from How long have you lived here Hvor kommer du fra I was in Grolier s, investigating the Polish Poets section when Recommender Extraordinaire, Elizabeth Doran, suggested Grzegorz Wroblewski He s like the Polish James Ta And before she could get out the finale te in Tate , my frequent drinking partner and poetry related accomplice, Dean, had snatched the book out of my handStop drinking and you will instantly shed false friends Your heart will gain strength and you will get that long awaited erection We went back to my house, me with some other book which I probably enjoyed, and Dean with Wroblewski s Kopenhaga where all the italicized text is fromin this review.
I do not mean to imply that all the i

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