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à Read Ê Lifestyles of the Great and Spacious by John Bytheway ✓ Great insights as to our path in life Living in the World but not of the World.
I ve read Lehi s dream from the 8th chapter of 1st Nephi in the Book of Mormon countless times But I ve never thought about the story the way that this book helped me to think of it before I love the way that John Bytheway is able to teach the things that he has learned from the scriptures in a way that is quick, easy and fun to read It s easy to see why he s one of the most popular speakers and teachers of the youth It s almost impossible not to learn something from him I loved this book, I m looking forward to reading of his books teaching about scripture stories With Every Passing Day, The Unforgettable Imagery In Lehi S Dream Becomes Real And Relevant In Our Modern World, We Can Literally Hear The Taunts And See The Pointing Fingers Of People Like Those In The Great And Spacious Building We Find Ourselves Clinging With Greater Energy To The Rod Of Iron As We Work Through The Massive Mists Of Darkness Toward The Tree Of Life In Lifestyles Of The Great And Spacious, John Bytheway Looks At Lehi S Dream, And With His Characteristic Humor, Comments From Church Leaders, Scholarly Insights, And Personal Experiences, He Expands Our Understanding Of These Precious Verses Of Scripture We are so blessed to have the scriptures But do we read them Do we heed them Do we sometimes struggle to understand them I know I struggle with understanding that is why I am so grateful that authors like John Bytheway share their knowledge of the scriptures with us.
I LOVE how he starts the book It s only thirty two verses, or 982 words in length, but it s a life changer and unforgettable and highly applicable metaphor We call it Lehi s dream He then goes on to explain about each part of the vision the tree of lifethe rod of ironthe mists of darknessthe ominous great and spacious building He tells what each means in his Thoughts, Insights, and Observation section he has in each chapter.
And then my FAVORITE partEach chapter has a This was quite insightful There was a lot of good insight that I had never thought about before It put a whole new meaning to Lehi s dream for me.
I also read this book in about 5 hours It was enlightening for me I have already recommended it to several family members.
This was a great little book about Lehi s dream of the Tree of Life There were lots of interesting insights that made me look at the story differently with added depth and meaning I love John Bytheway and how well he is able to apply scriptures to our personal lives.
Great book to visit especially if your trying to liken the tree of life from the book of Mormon to your life Love his books

This was my first taste of Mr Bytheway s work and looks like it won t be my last This latest in his series of scripture commentaries was a treat This one focused on Lehi s dream found in 1 Nephi 8 4 35 from the Book of Mormon For those not familiar with this scripture, in summary it is about Lehi s a prophet in the Americas, about 600 B.
C vision of the tree of life where he partakes of its fruit and desires his family to do likewise In this dream he sees a rod of iron, a strait and narrow path, the mists of darkness that enshroud men, and the ominous great and spacious building see book cover for artist rendition The author described the rod of iron as the guide guard rail in the strait and narrow path that leads to the tree of life Whereas the mists of darkness was blindness to the path but subject to the mocking of those in the great and spacious building who sw This is a great little book for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of Lehi s Dream learn how to apply to their life.
While reading it I missed John Bytheway s characteristic humor which is found in most of his books This one had a much serious, thoughtful feel to it than others I have read by him Thankfully it wasn t completely missing and there were still glimpse of his humor occasionally through the book such as this As a bishop, I once announced that we moved the records of all the perfect people out of the ward, so it was just us imperfect folks who comprised the congregation.
I can t say I learned a whole lot new from reading this but there were some great reminders of things I already knew and need to focus on in my daily life.
Anyone wishing to undertake a deeper study of the account found in 1 Nephi chapter 8 could surely benefit from this boo

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