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í Read ¹ Partners In Crime by Anne Stuart ¹ Usually I m not a huge fan of books where one of the characters hides their identity from the other, but this time it worked for me I definitely enjoyed this book, and found it fun to read.
I liked that the hero wasn t infallible he might make a great lawyer, but he was charmingly inept at a life of crime, even somewhat cowardly at times And this made him likable to me.
I actually liked that the villain wasn t over the top evil He seemed far human than your average villain, and that s something I appreciate Yes, there may be truly evil people in the world, but far real life villains are not really all that evil, just selfish or greedy or whatever, and I wish books reflected that.
All this might sound rather lackluster praise, but it really isn t I m just not good at all at describ Great fun Super smooth NY lawyer intrigued by plain Jane librarian, launching them both into a soft centred caper plot Lots of back chat, a heroine who doesn t stand any nonsense, and a vulnerable hero than Anne Stuart usually offers.
What a fun book, the heroine a goody librarian approaches the hero to ask his help, to commit arson You see the heroine has mistaken the hero for a criminal when in fact he is a successful lawyer The hero who is in a funk and bored by everything, goes along with the charade never expecting it to go on for so long Before he knows it, he is Jimmy the criminal, breaking entering, trying to commit corporate espionage and what not His lies trap him even when he wants to tell the truth The heroine meanwhile doesn t get her attraction to him, she has been off men since her divorce plus she has always been plain jane, the understanding one I have gotta admit this book was wacky fun It had humor, sexual tension combined with great characters Anne Stuart books are a treasure I keep, to indulge in between books, or whenever I hit a reading stump because there is no other author who scratches the reading itch as well as Anne Stuart does Book 4 in her Bad Boy series, Partners In Crime is actually quite mellow compared to most of her stories I wouldn t label Alexander Caldicott Sandy as a bad boy Nevertheless, in true Anne Stuart style, Sandy gives the sexy to the story in a way you can t get enough of.
An erroneous caption in a newspaper leaves small town librarian Jane Dexter with the belief that Sandy is one of the shadiest criminals in the country, capable of committing the crime that she wants When Jane knocks on the door of Sandy s motel room, he can barely muster enough interest in her, that is before she opens her mouth, demanding him that he co Loved it.
This book has just about everything in it A perfect mix of Mystery, Romance, Adventure, and just a bit of Suspense An extremely enjoyable read I would like to thank my friend KC who recommended me this book view spoiler The ending What was that I mean after all the near death experience they went through, the ending was I don t even know what to say hide spoiler

4 stars for a hilarious, funny rom com about a bored of his life, lawyer H and an outwardly repressed but inwardly blood thirsty h with criminal tendenciesEven the villain is stupidly funny and h s brother, because of whom the whole drama started, is a nutty professor typePlus the h likes to eat a lot H has a great mind to come up with schemes but not the know how to execute them like opening doors with a credit card she knows a bit than he does about such things and she throws things at him when she finds out he is a lawyer and not the criminal arsonist she thought he wasShe never hesitates to take revenge on him and he makes a great picture of the sulky, offended male Also, when he proposes, he tells her that even though her brother is nutty and eccent Jane Dexter wants to hire an arsonist and mistakens Sandi Caldicott,a lawyer, for one of his clients Sandi is in need of some adventure and pretends to be a criminal What follows is a romantic suspense plot involving secret inventions whose plans are going to be sold to foreign countries and be used with less than peaceful intentions and Jane and Sandi are going to try and avoid that.
To avoid the selling of the plans, her late brother s invention, Jane needs to set his laboratory on fire since she doesn t know where the plans are but they must surely be there But soon they find that her uncle might have been her brother s killer and may be after the plans himself It s another pleasurable read, Jane and Sandi are interesting characters Jane starts off a bit too shy, sensible and plain but she slowly evolves und A good older style romantic suspense Liked the dialogue between Sandy and Jane I also enjoyed their thoughts.
Plain Jane heroine, whose real name is Jane, is a mousy librarian with a sensual nature and a bloodthirsty streak for justice Sexy hero Sandy , whose real name is Alexander, is a suave and successful lawyer bored to death with his golden life That is, until Jane knocks on his motel door She needs Sandy s help to commit arson Well, she needs a criminal, but she doesn t know Sandy is only a lawyer, LOL Jane wants to prevent her deceased brother s revolutionary, scientific formula from being sold to the highest and amoral bidder, thus the arson Sandy doesn t correct her assumption because reasons, and agrees to be her partner in crime He has one major caveat, though, no torching And so begin the high jinks and travelogue through America s East Coast this is a Harlequin American after all.
I enjoy the majority of this author s romantic suspense no As Jane Dexter Scrambled To Keep A Secret Formula From Falling Into The Wrong Hands, Her Hired Accomplice Proved Useless As A Jack Of All Illegal Trades Convinced That A Gloriously Sensual Woman Lurked Beneath Jane S Ho Hum Outfits And No Nonsense Manner, Sandy Caldicott Lost All Interest In Illegal Activities As He Singlemindedly Campaigned To Reform JaneWhile Jane Was Breaking And Entering With Sandy In Princeton, New Jersey, The Awful Truth Penetrated Her Muddled Brain The Way Things Were Going, She Was Bound To End Up In The Arms Of The Law Or In The Arms Of A Lawless, Dashing, Dangerously Deluded Criminal

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