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[ Read Online Cities of Vesuvius: Pompeii and Herculaneum ↠´ speculative-fiction PDF ] by Mary Beard ï It was a bit dry, but very informative and uncluttered without losing the ability to paint vivid pictures it has rekindled my desire to go back to Pompeii and Herculaneum to see them anew.
This classic book originally published in 1971 is still a great read not only about the dramatic end of the two Roman towns in AD 79, but also about what we can learn from modern day excavations about the people that lived there Excellent illustrations.
A brief overview Published originally in 1971 somewhat dated.
Good description of local economy, and home layout Atrium entrance hall, usually open to the sky in the center, with a pool beneath the opening perhaps originally a courtyard served to let in light and air became a richly furnished sitting room Peristyle garden, usually colonnaded on most sides Tablinum originally, the central room used as owners reception room, and dining room before advent of separate dining rooms usually behind, and open to, the atrium, in the center Wings alae usually at either side of the rear of the atrium originally contained images of early family members, later served a variety of purposes Dining rooms two or three summer, winter, garden small, barely large enough to hold the customary three couches Kitchen small, primiti Michael Grant provides all sorts of useful information for someone like me planning to visit these places I learned some things about Roman mosaics that I didn t know For example, mosaics mounted on marble trays were prefabricated and probably imported readymade from Greece Although elite Romans knew about carpets from the East, they preferred intricate mosaics on their floors The transfer of mosaics from floors to walls in the early Byzantine period had already begun on a small scale in Pompeii and Herculaneum before the eruption of Vesuvius Around courtyards in niches surrounding fountains, mosaics from cubes of glass paste and marble were installed to reflect the dazzling summer sunshine.
Suffice it to say that I liked this book well enough to check out Molto istruttivo ma un po noioso.
A good overview of the layout, architecture, and artworks of the excavated towns of Herculaneum and Pompeii, along with some discussion of town life The scholarship may be dated, and the pictures are regrettably all black and white, but still a nice introduction.
At A Tavern In The Via Di Nola, Gladiators Abandoned Theirdrinks And Fled For Their Lives The Eruption Of Vesuvius In AD Quickly And Completely Buried All The Materials Of The Inhabitants Daily Lives Under A Sea Of Ash Ironically, Preserving Them Intact For Us To See Today Here Is A Picture Of Life In A Roman Provincial Town, From The Graffiti On The Walls To The Fruit In The Market Stalls, From The Arts To The Trade, From The Temples To The Brothelsall Frozen In Death For , Years X 937.

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