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✓ Read ✓ Sticky Monsters by John Kenn Mortensen ì John Kenn Mortensen S Day Job Is Directing Children S TV, And In His Spare Time He Takes Care Of His Young TwinsBut Then, When Darkness Falls, He Forgets Everything Cute And Cuddly, Takes Out His Pen And Post It Notes, And Wonderfully Scary Monsters Burst Forth Onto The PadHere We Have Collected Some Of The Best Monster Drawings In A Delectable Hardback Edition I got this for my husband as a Christmas gift and then read it this morning well, kind of It s all wordless drawings of monsters on sticky notes They are eerie and delightful I recommend it for anyone who enjoys monsters or doodles.
The illustrations are great Although it should be noted, the book gets its title because the monsters were all originally drawn on sticky notes, not because it s a catalog of monsters who are sticky Which is too bad Sticky Monsters rarely get their due, but I love a good, sticky monster Like in John Carpenter s The Thing When that dude s head falls off and turns into a spider That looked sticky, and that was damn gross Or half the stuff in The Fly Or parts of that dude in Hellraiser, the only worthwhile parts of that movie being the gross creature effects fight me if you disagree Physically fight me But your The Blobs and The Stuffs just don t get credit Your Gelatinous Cubes Everyone s into these living dolls and Facebook ghosts and shit these days These Babadooks and ghouls that aren t really monsters so much as they r Mortensen draws monsters on Post It Notes, feels like too short of a review What else Well, he clearly owes a debt to Edward Gorey, but he s darker, macabre and openly horrific There s little of Gorey s whimsy, and no narrative at all I get a greater sense of existential dread from Mortensen, of seeing the inside of a terrifying non consensual reality, of ineffable anxieties being given visual form Simple, fascinating and unsettling.
John Kenn Mortenesen draws monsters on sticky notes His drawings are reproduced here in actual size, in all of their whimsical and creepy glory I want all of these reproduced in poster size Pictures to scare you silly.
Monsters are everywhere around us, under us, within us This book reminds you that the shadows can lurk everywhere and in a fantastically simplified way of drawing, its goreyesque qualities shine through children are being haunted and taunted, but they often seem rather unimpressed and stoic when faced or lurked over by the various monsters Monsters also often tend to have a balloon like quality and there is something inherently funny in seeing a stoic child holding a monster as a balloon or balloons of monsters hovering around the skies of unimpressed faces If real monsters could only be so easy to ignore The best black and white scary drawings since Edward Gorey Danish John Kenn Mortensen s day job is directing children s tv, and in his spare time he takes care of his young twins But then, when darkness falls, he forgets everything cute and cuddly, takes out his pen and post it pad, and wonderfully scary monsters burst forth View every Monster on Post It Notes drawing my link text View and buy the book my link text John Kenn Mortensen s first collection of his macabre drawings, all done on post it notes, will hold a place of prominence on my artbook graphic novel shelf It s not a graphic novel, per se, but Mortensen s visual vignettes each tell a story, usually by presenting a knife s edge moment of suspense, leaving the viewer wondering what has just happened, and what is about to happen, between his cast of monsters from the ectoplasmic to the cthulhoid to the ghoulish and their foils usually children The washed out yellow of each page, combined with the artist s fine linework, gives each piece a pseudo sepia tone that is perfect for the archaic dress and minimalist, yet prosaic, settings of each of these drawings If you re an Edward Gorey fan who wants a little bite, then this is the perfect book for you And while Mortensen s pieces do point back to a I love this little book of post it note monsters Cute and quirky illustrations done by an immense talent Everyone in the world should own this book.

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