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[Jonathan D. Spence] ☆ The Search For Modern China [mannerpunk PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ð In This Widely Acclaimed History Of Modern China, Jonathan Spence Achieves A Fine Blend Of Narrative Richness And Efficiency Praised As A Miracle Of Readability And Scholarly Authority, Jonathan Mirsky The Search For Modern China Offers A Matchless Introduction To China S History Sonder is the term for the realisation that every person around you has an inner life as deep and meaningful as your own, and the explosion of complexity implied thereby Sometimes you just realise how little you know how absurdly deep the water goes past your shallow part of the pool Reading a book about China is kind of the same to realise that all of the historical and cultural knowledge you ve ever accumulated mostly ignores this area Greater China or the Sinosphere, so as not to tread on Macauan or Taiwanese toes , and that you are, in fact, basically starting from zeroAn excellent and thorough history, which flows gracefully through some four centuries with authority, but without ever becoming a drag.
Probably the best, and certainly the most popular, history of China in the modern era i.
, post 1500 CE Spence s prose is straightforward and clean, and his method of following individual artists, writers, or activists through a given time period to illustrate general policy acts as an engine to drive the reader through long descriptions of economic policies and trade issues Further, Spence always aims to show how the past informs the present and how patterns of history overlap and repeat Ultimately, Jonathan Spence finds the truest expression of Modern China in general in the voice of the people emerging through the perpetually centralized and often dictatorial government and in particular in the recent protests of 1919, 1930, 1976, 1979, 1986, and 1989.
The ascent of contemporary China in some thirty years has fascinated and bewildered many, especially as the nation belies all western modern ideas of the enlightenment, such as Individual Freedom, Representative Democracy Onlookers fromliberal nations struggle to make sense of this rise that challenges the basic foundations of liberal democracies From that perspective, Spence s book which stops shortly after Tiananmen Square Massacre offers some explanation behind the Sinic love for order and bureaucracy, and their justifiable umbrage at the western world.
Spence s greatest success here is how he plausibly showcases precedents for their cycles of revolutions, suppression of revolutions, further successful revoluti This is a REALLY well written book First time I read it was for a course on the history of Modern China at my alma mater, Northwestern University I think I took the course in 2010 And by modern they mean, post 1500 in the common era, i.
, ONLY in China is the Modern era dated back to after the Fall of Constantinople I wishhistory books were this well written.
That said, I m currently refreshing my knowledge i.
, am listening to the audio file via my iphone, while getting stuff done, and I have to say the narrator is HORRIBLE SOOOOOO glad I digitally borrowed this from the library instead of buying it fromHe is this really hoity toity sounding Brit who is so annoying I just want to smack him That said, looking at reviews Timeline1122 1234 Manchu Jurchens take northern China Jin dynasty 1368 Ming Dynasty established1550 Portugese establish presence in Macao.
1559 Nurhaci born1570 Pirate attacks stopped in southern coast, Spain enters Manila1572 to 1620 Emperor Wanli of Ming Dynasty1590s Nurhacu leads tribesmen in Liaodong, eunuchs ascendent, Japan invades Korea1601 Silk weavers strike in Suzhou, porcelin workers strike in Jiangxi1604 Dongli Society founded, opposed corrupt eunuchs Infamous eunuch Wei Zhongxian1616 Nurhaci declares himself Khan of Jin Dynasty1620 Emperor Wanli dies, grandson Chongzhen enthroned1622 Chinese rebellions against Jin rule1625 Nurhaci takes Shenyang1626 Nurhaci dies, son Hong Taiji enthroned1632 Nurhaci takes Inner Mongolia1633 Ming generals defect to Hong Taiji163 In this monumental and detailed history of China from 1600 1990, Spence traces the many strands that have influenced the changes and development of this complex nation He discusses China s internal conditions, its sociological and philosophical foundations and trends, and its often paranoid and contradictory relationships with the world around it Personalities come alive, including those figures who played pivotal roles in the often confusing political history, and Spence also highlights figures whose critiques of and opposition to the directions of change were often futile at the time but influential in subtle ways over the long trajectory of national development Major political giants like Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping are given the attention their importance deserves, although the reader is often left puzzling about the underlying p It is very long, very detailed and ends just before modern China gets really interesting after 1989.
Mr Spence gets an A for this term paper Given my critical state of mind, my instinct is to find blatant fault, somehow, someway with this work unfortunately, I found none This book is an important reminder of the many complexities in Chinese history, a reminder of the error lurking in the pursuit of reductionist thought, for China is a poster child for complexity.
I couldn t help but wonder, as I read along, just how little information I would retain in long term memory there s so much to feast on, to ponder, here Thanks to Mr Spence s effort, we can appreciate that the China story is muchinvolved and lengthy than that propagated through standard American socio political channels I m grateful for this read.
It is tempting when writing a review of an epic piece of work to declare it the best within its genre, however, I will go as far as to say that this is the best comprehensive history of Modern China I have yet read, and I do not say so lightly While this accolade was previously given to Jonathan Fenby s very respectable work, I nonetheless feel that Jonathan D Spence has composed a very broad ranging and ambitious work that covers a very broad time span, starting with the fall of the Ming and continuing in the 2013 edition to the conclusion of the HU Wen years, and includes a complete picture of Chinese life, both in the cultural and economic spheres, aside from the very familiar political spheres Spence is a historian and scholar by trade, and it is evident in his work, as it exhibits academic integrit

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