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[ Read Online Secrets to Keep (Webster Grove, #3) Πm-m-science-fiction PDF ] by Tracie Puckett  To know that I got very emotianal reading this books is something else In a VERY GOOD way If it can bring out the emotion out of the book then this author did one hell of a good job The THIRD In A FIVE PART SeriesSecrets, Secrets, Are No Fun And With Each Day That Passes In Webster Grove, Eighteen Year Old Steph Is Learning That Lesson The Hard Way Between Dodging Stares, Kisses, And Mixed Signals From The Man Of Her Dreams, Steph Has On Her Plate Than She Can Handle With Wedding Plans Officially Underway For The Rivera Ghijk Wedding, Steph Is Working Overtime To Lose Weight And Finally Fit Into Her Bridesmaid Gown And If All That S Not Enough, She S Pulled Into A Lie That Forces Her To Start Holding Up Appearances With A New Fake Boyfriend With Her Three Best Friends At Her Side And One Beautiful Man In Her Heart, Steph Has To Decide If Happily Ever After Is Worth The Wait It was better than the first two I really enjoyed it I am absolutely loving this series It is so cute and fast paced OmgI hate Caroline She is the worst mother Cannot wait to see what happens next I had a feeling about who Nick was.
I feel this is my least favourite in the series Lies and manipulation are no fun.

This part is complicated Honestly, I feel sorry for Alex He has to hide his feeling to Steph otherwise his job as a teacher will ends Sure they love each other, but all the blame would be on him if others found out about them And I kinda dislike her mother, what kind of mother forcing her daughter to loose her weight until only bones what s left And all the things she said about her father during this whole time was a lie Can t wait to read the next part.
Wow, what a beautiful book in the series This author never fails to deliver and definitely does not disappoint This series is incredibly written and the descriptiveness of some of the scenes are just stunning.
Though the old cover is terrible this is a great teen contemporary series with the forbidden love and the family aspect.

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