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Download Epub Format Ô Do Over PDF by Ô Emily Evans Content Rating This story is a romance Pez is forced to interact with the jocks her father coaches She finds one of them attractive, but she recognizes that he s promiscuous and isn t generally into jocks, so doesn t act on it Over the course of the story, they get to know each other better and develop a relationship There is some tension before they act on their attraction, and there are difficulties they overcome when they start having a relationship, but the author doesn t unnecessarily draw out the problems, and Pez doesn t spend all her time wallowing in thoughts about the relationship she s got things to do after all.
I love that the author avoids the standard YA tropes and tendencies There s no love triangle, insta love, or angst The girl doesn t Paisley S Juggling Three Key Plans Her Senior Year Get Her Parents Back Together Organize A Stellar Prom Find The Perfect DateFinding The Perfect Date An Excerpt From Do Over I Read, Would You Rather Have Someone Run Their Fingertips Or Fingernails Over Your Wrist Trey S Eyebrows Lifted I Don T Know Show Me He Flipped His Hand Over, Palm Up With The Back Of His Hand Against The Black Foam BarI Swallowed And Ran My Fingertips Over The Blue Veins On His Wrist His Fingers Twitched I Looked Into His Eyes When I Lightly Scraped My Nails Over The Same Spot His Fingers Flexed And Touched The Back Of My Hand His Eyes Widened And Dilated His Dark Green Gaze Dropped To My MouthI Took My Hand Away Which One Yes, He Said Both Too short It was good But the ending left me craving Like the author decided she didn t want to write any and just hurried and hacked away important shit to finish it up.
I pretty much devoured this from start to finish in just a couple of hours I couldn t put it down It was addicting, funny, sweet and just so full of romance that I didn t want it to end I just LOVE Trey I will definitely be re reading this Let me start by saying why I rated this 5 stars Before I read any NA books or YA books Emily Evans is and will always be one of my favorite authors Nowadays, books tend to have a lot of sex scenes including mine, lol in them but I think the sweetest books are the ones that make you feel all the emotions and the anticipation without the actual sex parts.
I will always be a fan of Emily Evans really enjoyed Paisley is a great character but I would have liked to hear about Ashton and from trey

I cannot count how many times I giggled Yes, giggled Cute.
I want a do overI want to start over Start hereI want you Only you I want that Do OverIt was a nice mix of friendship, blossoming romance, high school drama, and family issues Some of my favorite moments were definitely the ones between Trey Pez Those moments for me were not only sweet and awww worthy, but it was also funny I think the only problem I had with this book was it was kinda short, thus the story was a little bit rushed With this, the conflict climax were not that given much thought But in other things, I really had fun with them I did enjoy this one, so 3.
5 stars A high school coach father who allows his daughter to massage the star football player but won t let her date him Just one of the weird unrealistic plot points in this book Despite that, not bad for this genre

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