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ä Read Ð ആടുജീവിതം by Benyamin Ð original Malayalam title Aadujeevitham winner of 2009 Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award.
Though its said to be fiction, but actually is inspired by many true lives of Malayalis They say The grass is always greener on the other side and our protagonist Najeeb leaves behind his family and expecting wife, for finding greener grass big moolahs in the deserts of Saudi Arabia.
The beginning of the book describes how desperately he wants to end up in a jail in Saudi, and rest of the story follows in flashbacks For obvious reasons, this book has been banned in Saudi and UAE Great and simple narration which keeps you yearning forThough its a dark one which might disturb your sleep for quite some time.
Perfect 5 Thanks Smitha and Girish for reading it along And kudos to Smitha not only fo Aadujeevitham is not a cliche story of gulf malayalees.
it s about the pain and sufferings of protagonist najeeb and also of hope and faith in God.
really heart touching story.
a must read for all those who complains about their silly problems and belittle other people s sufferings.
The style of narration was really good too Najeeb S Dearest Wish Is To Work In The Gulf And Earn Enough Money To Send Back Home He Achieves His Dream Only To Be Propelled By A Series Of Incidents, Grim And Absurd, Into A Slave Like Existence Herding Goats In The Middle Of The Saudi Desert Memories Of The Lush, Verdant Landscape Of His Village And Of His Loving Family Haunt Najeeb Whose Only Solace Is The Companionship Of Goats In The End, The Lonely Young Man Contrives A Hazardous Scheme To Escape His Desert PrisonGoat Days Was Published To Acclaim In Malayalam And Became A Bestseller One Of The Brilliant New Talents Of Malayalam Literature, Benyamin S Wry And Tender Telling Transforms This Strange And Bitter Comedy Of Najeeb S Life In The Desert Into A Universal Tale Of Loneliness And Alienation , , , ,.
This is one of the best work of fiction I have ever read in Malayalam A land mark book We can feel the pain and emotions that the author would have undergone while writing this book The book is as raw as life could be and as beautiful as life should be Being an author myself, I could associate with the afterword in which the author describes the process of writing Writing itself is a tough task, writing so beautifully, so lyrically is nearly impossible Benyamin has achieved the near impossible writing a great piece of fiction, while keeping the reader engrossed like he is reading a pot boiler That, is the mark of a true classic There are popular books that are page turners, but very poor in literary value and then at the other end of the spectrum there are good literary works that intimidates an average reader or even perhaps bore him to death Good literature is that which makes the A supremely good read Recommend very highly.
This is the story of Najeeb, a not so well to do youth from Kerala who goes to Gulf to make money and ends up suffering unimaginable horrors This is based on a true story and what a story it is Everything from how little Najeeb dreams of, how his friends in Mumbai help him, how not knowing the language made him scared in the airport is supremely well described Once the part where his slavery starts, the story scales to a different level How Najeeb manages to hold on to his sanity by holding fast to his faith and befriending the goats he keeps, is truly inspirational While the circumstances stay truly grim, somehow it s Najeeb s spirit that carries the readers a , ,

Was a stunning read, madeauthentic by the malayalam language which I was reading afterthan a decade I was totally immersed in the story, to the extent that I felt a discontent even while leading a highly covetable affluent life, according to the standards of the protagonist I dreamt weird, scary dreams, felt low, and had a low grade headache throughout this period Every time I ate or drank, or just relaxed, I felt I was committing a terrible crime.
This is the story of Najeeb, a lower middle class Keralite, who assumed that his stars have suddenly become bright when he unexpectedly got a chance to go to Saudi Arabia as an employee But what he expected and what greeted him there, was diversely opposite.
He was enslavened and made to work under inhumane circumstances But all this somehow built his mental fortitude and he never lost hopes There Way back in the 1990 s, I remember reading a story by Ursula K LeGuin The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas It disturbed me greatly at that time It was about this perfect country, Omelas, where there was no sorrow or disease, and everybody was happy There was only one catch Omelas was paying for this happiness through the misery of one child, kept locked in a cellar and treated cruelly perpetually This was the pact that Omelas had made with the powers that be the misery of one human being in exchange for the bliss of one country Quite a bargain, if you think of it.
But there were people, when the truth became known, walked away from Omelas because they could not make peace with the bargain They were the hope of humanity When I initially read the story, I proudly said to myself t Sitting in the air conditioned lounge of a coffee shop, sipping on freshly brewed coffee and mumbling that life is becoming dull to a good looking woman was I That too was a way of fishing for her sympathy wherein she patted my arm and saidTalk to me about it why don t youas she intertwined her fingers with mine I came back home after assurances of meeting each other again later Knowing that the day has been a long one, I took a shower alternating between hot and cold water Plopped down on the bed, picked up the mobile phone and started texting and being good at multi tasking, kept going through Facebook and after a while shut it all and yawned and recited again in my mindThis is so boringFrom amidst a pile of books, I pick upAadujeevithamand

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