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[ Read Online Lost Spirits (Darke Academy, #4) Ò young-adult-paranormal PDF ] by Gabriella Poole õ 4,5 starsWell Ok, I have to admit that I didn t expect less than that much of a greatness in this last book of this serie Action packed love story fulfilled with magic , anger, fears and betrayal.
Great description of setting enhanced the feelings throughout the story, awesome turns and relationships Loved it Novamente, o come o foi bem chato Insuport vel, na verdade Os outros tr s primeiros livros consegui ler em menos de um dia, mas dei 3 pra ter coragem de terminar esse e n o, isso n o positivo n o porque eu n o queria que acabasse, porque estava extremamente chato e eu pegava no sono toda vez que come ava eu n o percebi muito todos os defeitos da Cassie nos outros livros, mas nesse aqui ela foi um po o de decep es pra mim O descaso que ela tem com a opini o do Sir Alaric Darke chega a ser desesperador, porque por causa dele que ela se coloca em tanta confus o e quase destruiu a ra a humana inteira porque era isso que o Eldest faria outra coisa que me irritou foi o egoismo dela, ela s pensava em si mesma S nela e no Ranjit Quase matou seus amigos e quase colocou todos os escolhidos em perigo porque n o soube ouvir o Darke, porque ela se ac The whole series is pretty much boring Why, oh why do writers insist on writing supernatural romance if they are just going to neglect the supernatural part The characters were one dimensional.
CassieThis was my face the whole book NOT IMPRESSED.
She is a Mary Sue a bitchy one in fact.
RanjitAlso known as Gary Stu.
Yup Yawn indeed Ranjit is a very boring character with no depth He s probably there to act as Cassie s arm candy Speaking of Cassie, their so called chemistry is forced and their cough, cough romance is not believable It wouldn t have lasted five minutes in the real world PlotKaterina and her mom are back And their plan to raise the Elder Spirit is very interesting but that only lasted for, like five pages.
Other than that there was nothing phenomenal happening in the book.
Thank God the series is over 1,5Toto bola uhm nemala by som odhov ra ud od kni ky kravina plne zbyto n , nudn vec Isabella f ukala, Cassie f ukala, ja som f ukala a e te sa aj ni nedialo E te niekedy na za iatku ma prestalo zauj ma ako sa vlastne cel kniha skon a tala som len zo zotrva nosti.
I really really loved this series there was something fresh about it I would recommend this set of books to anyone who lived Richelle Mead, or even Cassandra Clare they were great.

J pitome ek jsem si p e etl spoiler a te se mi to v bec nechce st In the beginning of this series, by feeling for Cass were kinda like But now, when it has reached its end and I have to part ways with her, I m all like The series ended with a bang people come back to life, sacrifices are made, people die that you wish hadn t sniffs , cute couples and gorgeous architecture is flaunted from some of the world s most beautiful historical sites A mix of mythology and the paranormal, this book is a thrilling conclusion to the series 2.
5 stars Slightly better than the previous ones in matter of conflict, damage, stakes, but Cassie is still a bitch Ranjit is still boring as all hell The vampires, while creative, are still boring and pretty much one dimentional The main meta conflict is still pointless and boring The main character and others suffer from a major MAJOR bout of plot convenient stupidity It all feels rushed, as if the author had discovered she can t stand the book any and wants to be done with the series which she did.
Still, the final combat and loss and final result isn t too bad Ranjit is still awful It does have some amazing potential that was not fulfilled, alas.
Before reading OMG I AM SOO EXCITED TO read THE NEXT BOOK IN THE DARKE ACADEMY SERIES After the last one, I seriously can t wait So glad it is making it into publishing After reading I can t believe this almost didn t make it into publishing After a couple of years ago reading the divide I decided to re read them all as I had not read the last one and remembered how much I enjoyed the series Can I just say this is still one of my all time favourite series I have read a number of times and I really am disappointed that Gillian Phillips doesn t really get the recognition she deserves for such a tremendous series What can I say about Lost Spirits It was definitely a page turner, I did not know what could possibly happen next The fourth book was a necessary book to have as it concluded the series nicely I highly recommend you r A New Term, A New Location For The Darke Academy And Everything Is Different For Cassie Bell The Beauty Of The Turquoise Kenyan Sea Can T Make Up For The Loss Of Her Soulmate, Ranjit He S On The Run, And Cassie Will Do Anything To Find Him But When The Evil Katerina And Her Mother Appear, Powerful Than Ever, Cassie Has To Make A Crucial Decision And Her Love For Ranjit Might Just Be Her Ultimate Weakness

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