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[Lindsay Smith] º Sekret [scripture PDF] Read Online º I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I absolutely loved this book the intrigue, the twists, the characters, the plot, EVERYTHING The main character, Yulia, a girl with the ability to see other people s memories, is everything a strong female protagonist should be She s strong on the outside, and will do anything to protect her family However, her family seems to be hiding a secret from her too When she s captured and taken to a boarding school for other teens, or psychics like her, she is unwilling to cooperate at first She dreams of escape, but feels oppressed with so many mind readers around her there s no place for thoughts of escaping Now obviously, there s a bit of a love triangle, but nothing too bad Yulia meets two very different boys the warm and funny hockey player Sergei, and the mysterious piano player Valentin, AKA Now with actual cover art Coming 04 15 2014 An Empty Mind Is A Safe Mind Yulia Knows She Must Hide Her Thoughts And Control Her Emotions To Survive In Communist Russia But If She Sometimes Manipulates The Black Market Traders By Reading Their Thoughts When She Touches Their Skin, So What Anything To Help Her SurviveRussia S Powerful Spy Agency, The KGB, Is Recruiting Young People With Mind Reading Capabilities For Their Psychic Espionage Program Their Mission Protect The Soviet Space Program From American CIA Spies Why Shouldn T The KGB Use Any Means Necessary To Make The Young Psychic Cooperate Anything To Beat The American Capitalist Scum To The MoonYulia Is A Survivor She Won T Be Controlled By The KGB, Who Want To Harness Her Abilities For The State With No Regard For Her Own Hopes And Dreams She Won T Let Handsome Sergei Plan Her Life As A Member Of Elite Soviet Society, Or Allow Brooding Valentin To Consume Her With His Dangerous Mind And Even Dangerous Ideas And She Certainly Won T Become The Next Victim Of The Powerful American Spy Who Can Scrub A Brain Raw And Seems To Be Targeting Yulia A chilling look at a girl living in Soviet era Russia, Sekret is almost impossible to put down It s one of those books that really makes you think about the world around you.
This book is damn near perfect In the Cold War, the second generation of a secret sect of the KGB who have been bred to have psychic powers are in training to be the next wave of spies Enter Yulia, the daughter of geneticists, who is being held against her will in this school of the New World Order Here s what really, really works Smith sets the scene so well that this world comes to life in vibrant color The fact that there are some people with psychic abilities doing spy work in this world is as commonplace as bread lines She mixes real historical events with this new storyline, calling in guest stars like Khrushchev and Gagarin and letting them walk around with her characters The enemy here is, of course, the Americans and Smith really has us convinced that they might just be worse th What do little children know of spy games, of the real power of the mind They are too undisciplined They are too free Obedient minds, not rebellious teens, are needed to run the program, the Soviet UnionThis book shows us not only why teenagers should never take part in government conspiracies, but quite possibly the real reason why the USSR crumbled to pieces and that may not be an alternative fact.
Yulia Chernina is just your typical teenager living in Mother Russia She lives with her parents and her brother in a tiny little house, and despite how little they have they re happy That is, until the Secret Police jail them all for no apparent reason to Yulia Oh, and there s the little matter of her hearing and seeing things that others don tWho am I I am Yulia Andreevna Chernina, seventeen years old, daughter of former high ranking Communist Party members We are an experiment The second wave of what started under Stalin young, untrained psychics summoned forth to defeat the Nazi threat But there is a component in the experiment that is eluding me Yulia is forcably recruited into a youth psychic training facility for the KGB in the early 1960s, to aid in the efforts to beat the Americans in the Space Race But it might also be for other reasons, and the most dangerous people are the other people with psychic powers surrounding her.
Great YA combination of spies and psychic powers.
For as much as I enjoyed various aspects of this novel, the whole thing simply failed to come together for me Which is a shame, because when broken down to its basic elements, I loved so much about this book The premise is excellent I love the idea of psychic KGB spies I loved the idea of a Cold War USSR setting I really loved the writing in this book lyrical and smooth I loved most of the characters and a lot of the details around their powers But the plot that was supposed to tie all of these things together didn t.
It almost felt like there was too much going on and not enough going on at the same time There didn t seem to be any unifying goal going on We jumped around a lot from one subplot to the next, and while I didn t have much trouble keeping them all straight, I also didn t really care This is happening Oh, and now this I guess Okay What Time for t

I really liked the first third of this book, but strangely enough, after Yulia actually began going on missions which is when things would typically start getting exciting , I somehow wasn t quite as engaged by what was going on I think this book would have been stronger with action sequences or espionage assignments that were choreographed in detail, as well as if the characters were complex I also didn t really care one way or the next about the romance s Yes, s I was pretty indifferent towards both boys, and it doesn t help that the eventual loser was telegraphed so early on view spoiler I mean, the guy with racist views is not gonna triumph, right hide spoiler 4.
5 starsYulia has spent the past few years in hiding with her mom and brother Formerly influential scientists for the Soviet Union, Yulia s parents were able to escape the party s control, though not without fracturing Her father has been missing since they ran Now Yulia and her remaining family members live a life of fugitives, always on the look out for the KGB or anyone willing or desperate enough to turn them in So far Yulia s family has been successful at staying hidden, partially with the help of her secret ability Yulia can read thoughts and memories when she touches other people and objects She doesn t know where this talent came from, and it scares her a little, but she s thankful for it too Although Yulia has not told anyone about what she can do, she discovers one day that her family and her talents aren t as hidden as

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