☆ Armies and Warfare in the Middle Ages: The English Experience µ Download by Á Michael Prestwich

☆ Armies and Warfare in the Middle Ages: The English Experience µ Download by Á Michael Prestwich Medieval Warfare Was Hard, Gruelling And Often Unrewarding While Military Life In This Era Is Sometimes Pictured In Terms Of Knights Resplendent In Armour And Bearing Colourful Standards And Coats Of Arms, The Reality Often Consisted Of Men Struggling Against Cold, Damp And Hunger, Pressing Elusive Foes Who Refused To Do Battle In This Fascinating Book, Michael Prestwich Re Creates The Real Experience Of Medieval Warfare, Examining How Men Of All Ranks Of Society Were Recruited, How Troops Were Fed, Supplied, And Deployed, The Development Of New Weapons, And The Structures Of Military Command Michael Prestwich Challenges Many Common Assumptions About Medieval Warfare He Shows That Medieval Commanders Were Capable Of Far Sophisticated Strategy Than Is Usually Assumed Spies Were An Important Part Of The Machinery Of War, And The Destruction Of Crops And Burning Of Villages Were Part Of A Deliberate Plan To Force A Foe To Negotiate, Rather Than An Indication Of Lack Of Discipline Sieges, Often Lengthy And Expensive, Were Prevalent Than Physical Battles And In Actual Engagement The Mounted Knight Was Never As Dominant As Is Often Supposed Even In The Twelfth Century, Many Battles Were Won By Unmounted Men Medieval Warfare Was Not, On The Whole, Any Chivalric Than Warfare Of Other Periods, Although There Were Many Instances Of Individual Heroism, Particularly During The Hundred Years War, That Brought Glory And Renown To Those Who Performed Them I learned that it i m lucky to have been born now instead of during the medieval ages The author paints a picture not of glory and cavalry charges, but of armies huddling in the mud, starving, unable to actually engage their enemy in battle because the enemy was avoiding the army at all costs read this if you want to feel good about having indoor plumbing and electrically lit light sources.
I didn t actually finish this book not because it is not well written, but because it s no longer an area of history that I am interested in and life is too short to read books that you are not entirely enthusiastic about This is as good an introduction to medieval warfare as I have found Oman, Contamine and the others are good for strategy and tactics and a bit on logistics, but Prestwich pays good attention to all areas of the military, from the details of combat to how soldiers got paid It s only weakness is that it is specifically on medieval England, but much of what you will read here is readily transferrable to other countries This will be the one I recommend to any of my students.

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