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Download Epub Format ↠´ November (Vintage) PDF by ☆ David Mamet If I could give it stars I would I do not think I have ever read any book outrageously funny than this play, nor have I laughed aloud while reading A shocking and satisfying satire of the Bush presidency, I could hear Nathan Lane s voice in my head as I read Mamet s President s lines and was only mildly surprised to hear that I had failed to recognize him on the cover and that Lane was starring in the play on Broadway Perhaps it was written with Lane in mind Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful the best play and one of the finest books I have ever read.
Sometimes it s hard to laugh when it feels closer to reality than it was in 2008 but as comedies go, it s really a smart one.
Some humorous moments, but has become somewhat dated since I saw it onstage in 2009 Better to see it live than on paper.
It s been a while since I ve read Mamet Ideally, I guess it shouldn t be read, it should be seen, but nobody was putting on a performance of November near me.
This is about a president as it gets closer and closer to election day, and the poll numbers aren t looking good It s about desperation, loss, failure, and frustration, among other things, but it also happens to be very funny Mamet s not generally known for his imagination, but he builds a lot out of very little here, and the story quickly turns screwball.
The play was written around the time Mamet s politics shifted conservative, but the play doesn t have a political agenda Politics are involved one of the plot lines relates to gay marriage , but it isn t about anything specifically left or right leaning.
The play reads fast and has a number of very funny lines, as one might So, for a long time, I thought you had to finish any book put in front of you, or any book you ve started It wasn t until my first year out of college, when my college roommate s mom enlightened me with the knowledge that I didn t need to finish any book I didn t want to This DEFINITELY fell in that category.
Firstly, as a Mamet, the dialogue flowed very quickly, which may be one of the only things I enjoyed It felt performatively racist and brisk, which again seems par for the course with him I found myself really liking the characters presented, but not loving the overall plot.

The usual Mamet dialog and male banter, bonding Somewhat dated.
I picked this one up at the library, opened it right there at stayed at the library reading, unable to put it down This is my first Mamet play, and in spite of the crazy satirical premise, I still expected it to be essentially dark, but it s really not One can call it depressing only for the way it so accurately portrays modern American politics, but it s hysterically funny and, in the end, not at all unkind I know that this is the play that caused Mamet to write his famous Why I am no longer a brain dead liberal column and come out as a newly minted conservative although the provocative title was not of his choosing However, this story truly has no political slant, except for being most decidedly non PC I recommend it to anyone even marginally interested in politics just be aware it does use some fairly colorful language though in a realistic rather than gratuitous way.
With NOVEMBER David Mamet flexes his funny bone yet again this time during the election month of a president falling out of public favor As President Chuck Smith struggles to find the courage to fight for a second term, the reader laughs at the dismal state of affairs that is politics in America This satirical take on elections leaves the reader emotionally connected to Mamet s president who seems such a fish out of water in the tumultuous world of American politics Things get even funnier when the traditional PR stunt of pardoning turkeys for Thanksgiving not only reinvigorates President Smith, but leaves him determined to win than ever before A perfect read for Mamet beginners and veterans alike.
I wish I had never read this Don t be like me.
David Mamet S New Oval Office Satire Depicts One Day In The Life Of A Beleaguered American Commander In Chief It S November In A Presidential Election Year, And Incumbent Charles Smith S Chances For Reelection Are Looking Grim Approval Ratings Are Down, His Money S Running Out, And Nuclear War Might Be Imminent Though His Staff Has Thrown In The Towel And His Wife Has Begun To Prepare For Her Post White House Life, Chuck Isn T Ready To Give Up Just Yet Amidst The Biggest Fight Of His Political Career, The President Has To Find Time To Pardon A Couple Of Turkeys Saving Them From The Slaughter Before Thanksgiving And This Simple PR Event Inspires Smith To Risk It All In Attempt To Win Back Public Support With Mamet S Characteristic No Holds Barred Style, November Is A Scathingly Hilarious Take On The State Of America Today And The Lengths To Which People Will Go To Win

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