↠´ Veering ↠´ Download by ☆ Nicholas Royle

↠´ Veering ↠´ Download by ☆ Nicholas Royle Reflections On The Figure Of Veering Form The Basis For A New Theory Of Literature Exploring Images Of Swerving, Loss Of Control, Digressing And Deviating, Veering Provides New Critical Perspectives On All Major Literary Genres The Novel, Poetry, Drama, The Short Story And The Essay, As Well As Creative Writing Royle Works With Insights From Lewis Carroll, Freud, Adorno, Raymond Williams, Edward Said, Deleuze, Cixous And Derrida With Wit And Irony He Investigates Veering In The Writings Of Jonson, Milton, Dryden, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Melville, Hardy, Proust, Lawrence, Bowen, JH Prynne And Many Others Contrary To A Widespread Sense That Literature Has Become Increasingly Irrelevant To Our Culture And Everyday Life, Royle Brilliantly Traces A Strange But Compelling Literary Turn

This is my favorite kind of theory book Royle opens brand new vistas, simultaneously and inextricably, on works of theory by Freud and Derrida among others as well as literary works from Henry James and Herman Melville to contemporary poets That said, I wouldn t recommend it strongly outside those already committed to reading and thinking this weird thing called literature.

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