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✓ Read Ç A Vow of Obligation (Marriage by Command #3) by Lynne Graham Ç From Making His Bed On A Mission To Steal Navarre Cazier S Laptop To Save A Fellow Chambermaid S Reputation, Tawny Blake Is Caught Red Handed Blushing Brighter Than Her Flame Coloured Hair, She S Sure She Ll Be Fired Then Cazier Presents Her With A Shocking PropositionTo Lying In It The Infamous Billionaire Needs To Stop The Prying Media Digging Into His Scandalous Past, And Tawny Is The Perfect Diversion The Seduction Of Society Beauties Has Always Come Effortlessly To Navarre, Yet Getting Feisty Tawny To Wear His Ring, Even If Just In Public, Could Be His Greatest Challenge Yet This is the ONLY book I like in this series Sorry Alex My rating for it wasn t justified, because it was better than the worst but I think I ll let the hero have it Poor thing had THAT for a mother A Vow of Obligation is the story of Tawny and Navarre.
A strong, independent and caring heroine meets a brooding cynical billionaire hero when she attempts to steal from him, and things go very wrong.
or do they This book had a FANTASTIC heroine who took no shit, stood her ground and gave it back as good as she got it she was kind and loving but certainly not a pushover The hero was the usual judgmental ahole, who was wildly attracted to the heroine and soon was able to persuade her to bang him Their love story had a few speedups, but overall was a very satisfying and sexy read The reveal at the end was kinda bizarre, but I still enjoyed it.
Safe4 5 I have to say that Lynne Graham is def back on her game with this last entry into her series of three half sisters.
This last story is about Tawny Blake and Navarre Cazier.
Navarre is our H who is a French billionare ,has certain ways of doing things and as usual for an HP hero has deep trust and commitment issues.
He is a typical LG hero whom you just love to hate.
Tawny is his complete opposite in every way ,and when they meet for the first time,well ,it is just explosive.
Tawny has been set up by a so called good friend to steal Navarre s laptop from his hotel room where Tawny is the maid.
She gets caught in the act by Navarre and her friend,when questioned ,denies everything.
Things fall into place as Navarre very neatly blackmails her into I m not in the mood to write soTawny and Navarre, not names to my liking.
Tawny lost the affection I had for her from the previous two books when she fell for the laptop scheme Navarre wasn t particularly bright either.
She recovered a bit for the way she answered back.
Maybe I ve read too many HP, but I knew Tia wasn t Navarre s lover from the beginning I thought she was going to be a sister, I think making her his mom looking like a teenager was a bit of a stretch and just like Tawny I didn t get their relationship.
A good end to this trilogy about three half sisters who have a philandering, no good father in common Tawny is the youngest sister She has a fairly good head on her shoulders, although I thought she was very naive in believing Julie s sob story about Navarre having naughty pictures on his laptop of them I think she wanted to believe the best of people, and I can t fault her for that.
Was not liking Navarre initially I loved the twist Lynne Graham embedded in this story As I read, the layers peeled back from Navarre s character, and I had the opportunity to get to like him the hard way He wascold and emotionally detached than I would have liked Not really very demonstrative with Tawny, although it was clear how attracted compelled by Tawny he was I think that Written for Beyond ReadingI m so very tired of Lynne Graham s books but, then again, I must be a sucker for punishment because I keep reading them I read one or two good ones and decided that she must have somein store Wrong Lynne Graham constantly, CONSTANTLY, writes heroines who start out promising then transform into weak, pathetic women hanging on for the next fix of a kind of man that never shows up Her women always bend for the men, compromising everything and breaching their morals for nothing The men tend to be too strong, bulldozing over everyone and owning the morals of alley cats I mean, LG writes men who think nothing of cheating and some who feel as though they bestow honors when they don t , who think nothing of constantly insulting their partners and meeting other women The heroine Tawny rather foolishly believes her friend s tales that one of the guests of the hotel she works at has indecent pictures of her, and convinces Tawny to try and steal it so she can delete them But Tawny is caught by Navarre, the hero, and then discovers that what her friend told her was a lie Although she tries to protect her innocence she knows that Navarre doesn t believe her Navarre is not sure what to think of Tawny, but he knows he can t risk letting her out of his sight while she potentially knows damaging information about him Seeing the chance to solve a current problem, he agrees not to report her if she will act as his fianc e for a while to deflect unwanted attention from his personal life Tawny reluctantly agrees, but their WTH happened here I almost could not believe this book was written by Lynne Graham I absolutely adore this author s books.
which I have read most of and loved but A Vow of Obligation, the third and last book in the Marriage By Command trilogy, is my least favorite story of three sisters finding their HEA Though I sort of liked the first book you can check my review , the one I really enjoyed was A Deal at the Altar my review Allright, it s not a total waste of reading but I just wish I could have engaged with the characters.
geez I hated the hero heroine s names I mean Tawny and Navarre Just so not do it for me And I just found them so boring.
okay, so Navarre is a French billionaire, gorgeous, etc, etc.
but how could it ever be possible that Tawny, having two sisters married to zillionaires, would be working as a chambermaid to pay for her gra Tawny our heroine is a hotel maid who gets caught in the act of stealing by the hero Navarre Of course in reality the heroine wasn t trying to steal his laptop she was just trying to make a favor to her good friend Still Navarre blackmails her into being his pretend fiancee for a few weeks so as to manipulate the press from the real issue which is his relationship with Tia, a very beautiful actress who happens to be married.
Another heroine I admired and adored I loved how sweet and energetic Tawny was How she was determined to be happy and cheerful, and get over her problems And even though she was a strong chick, it was also nice to see that underneath it all, she was a good, sensitive and kind hearted woman I just found her so adorable Navarre is also a great hero He has a damaged past but he doesn t dwell on the pain I found him sweet, charming and caring I loved how att

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