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[ Pdf Net Smart: How to Thrive Online Ì pulp PDF ] by Howard Rheingold Ý A dense read that is worth your time It will make you think how about you how to use the net and how best to educate your students and children to use the net In each chapter with the last chapter being a recap , author Howard Rheingold outlines five digital literacies that he believe are needed to be a digital citizen they are 1 attention, 2 crap detection, 3 participation 4 collaboration, and 5 network smarts For those who do not have time for the entire book, Rheingold does a nice job of summing up his main points for each literacy in the last chapter through the use of bullet lists.
This was another book that I assigned for my Composition course, but this one did not go over as well as Hamlet s Blackberry My students really wanted to like this book better, seeing as they agreed with Rheingold s central argument that the answer to being over connected is to become BETTER at it than they did with Powers that the answer to being over connected is to strategically disconnect However, Rheingold s dense and hard to follow prose frustrated them so much that they had a very hard time understanding his information, which is a shame, as there is a lot of good information here.
I share my students frustration There are many valuable ideas floating around in this book, but the effort to ferret the Like It Or Not, Knowing How To Make Use Of Online Tools Without Being Overloaded With Too Much Information Is An Essential Ingredient To Personal Success In The Twenty First Century But How Can We Use Digital Media So That They Make Us Empowered Participants Rather Than Passive Receivers, Grounded, Well Rounded People Rather Than Multitasking Basket Cases In Net Smart, Cyberculture Expert Howard Rheingold Shows Us How To Use Social Media Intelligently, Humanely, And, Above All, MindfullyMindful Use Of Digital Media Means Thinking About What We Are Doing, Cultivating An Ongoing Inner Inquiry Into How We Want To Spend Our Time Rheingold Outlines Five Fundamental Digital Literacies, Online Skills That Will Help Us Do This Attention, Participation, Collaboration, Critical Consumption Of Information Or Crap Detection , And Network Smarts He Explains How Attention Works, And How We Can Use Our Attention To Focus On The Tiny Relevant Portion Of The Incoming Tsunami Of Information He Describes The Quality Of Participation That Empowers The Best Of The Bloggers, Netizens, Tweeters, And Other Online Community Participants He Examines How Successful Online Collaborative Enterprises Contribute New Knowledge To The World In New Ways And He Teaches Us A Lesson On Networks And Network BuildingRheingold Points Out That There Is A Bigger Social Issue At Work In Digital Literacy, One That Goes Beyond Personal Empowerment If We Combine Our Individual Efforts Wisely, It Could Produce A Thoughtful Society Countless Small Acts Like Publishing A Web Page Or Sharing A Link Could Add Up To A Public Good That Enriches Everybody L espressione dell intelligenza in rete esaminata sul piano individuale e collettivo Le sezioni sono le seguenti 1 Attenzione Come e perch controllare il pi potente strumento della vostra mente , in cui si considera il multitasking e di come regolare i comportamenti in rete in modo da avere sotto controllo l attenzione, sia come capacit concentrativa, sia come disposizione verso l altro virtuale, nonch presente Interessante anche in riferimento alle affermazioni neuroscientifiche che confermano che la nostra mente non riesce ad eseguire pi di un compito alla volta Il passaggio continuo da un problema all altro comporta un alto dispendio energetico L autore propone alcune soluzioni per riacquistare un proprio equilibrio psicofisico, distribuendo e controllando l attenzione.
2 Rilevazione delle bufale Come cercare le informazioni in Internet e, soprattutto, c This book came to my attention from Beth Kanter, social media author and blogger, whom I respect very much Kanter referred to Net Smart as the one book on social media to read this year that was enough of an endorsement for me Rheingold immediately won my attention with his call for mindfulness something I ve been working on in other areas of my life My biggest take away is that if I really want to get something out of social media and make it work for me, I need to pay attention, understand the platform and reflect regularly Social media is here and will continue to evolve, just like us It s than clicking, liking and RTing It can help me sift through the info pollution in my inbox feed and help amplify my thoughts and causes.
I recommend this book to new and seasoned social media users When was the last time you checked your priva ExcellentA fun and relevant guide for living meaningfully and productively online With so much valid criticism from media scholars about the dangers and pitfalls of hyper connection and social media, this was refreshingly different Rheingold offers a measured and calm look at how one can mindfully adapt to the connected world and benefit from connecting to social and learning networks.
Like other books by Rheingold this one provides an excellent overview on recent developments in social media and offers ways through the jungle of opportunities these new media offer Rather than focusing on the challenges and problems that social media confront us with Rheingold explicates ways to deal with the vast amount of information, the constant possibilities for distraction and challenge to differentiates the useful and informative from the disinformation and misinformation that is outthere as well Net Smart is a very worthwhile read although it lacks a critical perspective on recent developments for critiques of cyberutopianism, social media revolution, etc you ll have to go to Morozov s Net Delusion and such like.
What a great book for all of the audiences its aims to address Rheingold does an excellent job explaining why he is optimistic about the Internet and all it affords, with the proviso that users are responsible for maintaining that optimism He provides excellent background and synthesis of research into the Internet s development and functioning But, important, he provides great advice that is both theoretical and practical The book is accessible and could be easily used in an undergraduate classroom But it s also great reading for anyone who has an interest in these issues I d recommend to academics and non academics alike.

This book covers what seems to be very familiar ground to anyone that spends time on the Internet these days, but as one get s further into it, the author takes a deeper look at the Internet, society, and psychology A good look at how the Internet has affected and will affect our daily lives is presented, accompanied by reasons why it did will do so.
The subject matter is very complex and technical, but for the most part presented in a very readable fashion for those who don t live for the those aspects of online interaction The author positions himself smack in the middle of things examining the pros and cons of social media and the Internet In fact one of his big points is how to add a crap detector into your online experience to make yourself a little safer This book educates you on all sides, then lets y Net Smart is an interesting take on the potential of the Internet It is optimistic in its outlook of what we as humans can do together through the web But Rheingold also points out that each person has the responsibility to participate and contribute to the online communities, because what people do on the internet and what they use it for now will influence how the web develops That is, we can directly contribute to what s available on the web as well as direct how the web will work in years to come His approach to pulling readers out of passivity and offering them the driver s seat is to help them understand the controls in front of them and how they can be purposeful about what they give their attention and participati

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