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✓ For Matrimonial Purposes ë Download by Ñ Kavita Daswani Is this considered YA fiction It should be It reads easier than the latest issue of Cosmo There isn t much to recommend this simple and rather boring story about a young woman who is pitied by seemingly everyone in her native India for not being married at a ripe and tender age She feels pressure to follow the Indian customs regarding marriage, but doesn t actually want to do things as they have traditionally been done The book spans many years in her life without showing much personal growth, but rather a continuation of the same attitudes from one chapter to the next I didn t hate it I probably would have if I didn t get the distinct feeling that the author herself is terribly sweet I didn t hate the characters I just couldn t care less about th Very quick, easy read, but the main character, Anju, got on my last nerves Approaching 40, Anju flits back and forth between Umrica and her parents in India, looking for the perfect mate The potential suitors found by her family aren t up to her standards, but she s not having much luck on her own, either First and foremost, he has to be Indian.
Toward the end of the book, Anju finally gets her man, but is disappointed that he wants to get to know her and fall in love before marriage She simply wants to get married.
To me, Anju sends mixed signals and is not sure why she wants to get married other than to appease her parents But, when opportunity presents itself, she turns it down For me, Anju is one of the msot annoying characters I ve ever read and she s told old not to know what she wants and how to obtain it Author is too quick to wrap up the end and readers have no idea ho Anju Wants A Husband Equally Important, Her Entire Family Wants Anju To Have A Husband Her Life In Bombay, Where A Marriage Can Be Arranged In A Matter Of Hours, Is Almost Solely Devoted To This Quest, With Her Anxious Mother Hauling Her From Holy Site To Holy Site In Order To Consult And Entreat Swamis And Astrologers As Anju S Twenties Slip Away, She S Fast Becoming A Spinster By Her Culture S Standards, So She Moves To New York City To Work In FashionFor Matrimonial Purposes Is The Hilarious Story Of Anju S Journey, Her Quest For Love, And The Choices That She Must Make While Trying To Remain True To Herself And Satisfy Her Family And Tradition really cannot describe the story or plot of this book There really isn t any So here s the blurb from behind the book.
Anju wants a husband Equally important, her entire family wants Anju to have a husband Her life in Bombay, where a marriage can be arranged in a matter of hours, is almost solely devoted to this quest, with her anxious mother hauling her from holy site to holy site in order to consult and entreat swamis and astrologers As Anju s twenties slip away, she s fast becoming a spinster by her culture s standards.
Only then is she able to persuade her parents to allow her to move to New York, where, she hopes, she will not be viewed as a failure Making a new life, alone, will be hard, but if the stars align, she may even find love on her own terms.
Anju is born in a family in Bombay India, where girls are supposed to get ma Lots of great visuals in this one, as if it were written for a future Single Girl Comedy, but the storytelling is much telling than showing This happened, and then this happened, and then this happened.
Unlike the promises on the back, I didn t laughed out loud when reading this book Maybe one small smile, but that was it Easy read though not much of a plot Always interesting to read about Indian culture, and in this one, the marriage institution, not as in what happens after the wedding but as in what happened before and during the wedding.
I haven t read superficial book than this one in ages The feminist in me was cringing while reading this book it was a quick read but I kept waiting and hoping she will do something with her life that will make her not obsess over getting married but ugh Also, I absolutely hated the way she put muslim countries down in this book Saying stuff about Pakistan and other muslim countries like India is any better I literally rolled my eyes when she mentioned in passing how her parents were not barbaric Seriously keep your political agenda to yourself when writing a novel.
Ini HindiLit karangan Kavita Daswani kedua yang saya baca Dan herannya, lagi lagi saya merasa senasib dengan keadaan tokoh utama perempuannya Anju Kalau di Pengantin Dusun di Beverly Hills tokohnya sudah menikah, di buku ini Anju justru sedang berjuang mencari pasangan hidup Dan itu bukan hal mudah, walaupun Anju mulai menurunkan standard Perjuangan Anju ini terasa familiar sekali hahaha.
Berawal dari ramalan yang menyebutkan kalau Anju baru akan bertemu jodohnya setelah berumur 26 tahun, perburuan pria pun dimulai Anju jadi rajin diseret Ibunya menemui orang suci, berkunjung ke kuil tempat suci demi menghancurkan halangan yang bikin Anju baru bisa ketemu jodohnya di umur 26 tahun Ketika usia Anju bertambah dan status lajang masih nempel, perburuan pun jadi makin gencar sampai pria yang nyari istri dengan kriteria pembantu pun disodorkan.

Entering her mid thirties, Anju has proven to be a failure as a daughter Sure, she s well educated Sure, she has a successful career as a fashion publicist Sure, she has remained a good girl despite living by herself in that den of iniquity known as New York City But she s failed to do the one thing that would define her worth and ease the anxiety she s causing her ultra conservative, ultra orthodox parents she still hasn t married.
And it s not Anju s fault She s fasted, she s prayed, she s presented herself as meek and submissive She s allowed her mother to drag her to every swami, fortune teller, and holy man she can find She s had her birth chart read, her destiny foretold She s tried to lighten her too dark complexion She s attended parties and reunions and the weddings of others, in the hopes of making a match all to no avail She s even tried online matchmaking for Indian An Indian girl from a very wealthy family inherits a curse and no one wants to marry her The story is about how the very rich spend money on impressing other people with clothes, jewellery and parties, and the importance of a good meaning expensive astrologer in getting an arranged marriage But when you are cursed, it doesn t matter how much money your family has and how desperate they are to marry you off, no one presentable will present themselves The mothers for it is they who decide who shall marry whom can get all the material goods and a pretty face elsewhere, minus the curse So the girl leaves India to strike out on her own and goes to New York where she ends up in a glittering job as a fashion publicist Paris, Concorde, Blahnik as everyone does in a chicklit novel, and eventually finds a man to marry The author attempts, not v

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