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à Pwned  Download by Þ Erika Mitchell Professional Gamer Sean Boxer Is Headed To South Korea To Play The Biggest StarcraftTournament In The World His Arch Rival, Norman MacArthur, Wants To Make Sure Sean Never Makes It To The First Round Norman Uses His Job At The NSA To Set Sean Up As The Subject Of A Government Investigation, Leaving Sean Facing The Grim Prospect Of Prison Time When Sean Finds Out Norman Is Behind His Newfound Legal Troubles, He Has A Big Decision To Make Stay Home Or Fight BackFind Out What Happens When This Gamer Decides To Stop Playing Nice If you are a gamer or someone who loves a good suspense novel, this book has it all Erika writes with a formal style that adds a level of depth to each character I loved the subtle romance that simmers beneath the story s surface This is a good book to pick up when you have plenty of quiet time to devote to it After chapter five, you will have a hard time putting it down.
I won a copy on Goodreads First Reads.
Sean Boxer is a professional gamer and is heading to the biggest Starcraft 2 tournament in the world.
His main rival,Norman MacArthur, wants to keep him from even making the opening round.
Norman will use his job at the NSA to set Sean up as the subject of a government investigation.
Sean has to decide whether to play it safe or take some huge gambles to reach his dream.
I am not that familiar with Starcraft 2, so I figured I would be lost at times in the story Fortunately Erika Mitchell makes the game section easily understandable for a novice like me.
On the other hand, I can easily see how a long time fan of Starcraft 2 would be able to get evenenjoyment out of those sections.
While it might seem a little hard to believe anyone would take the risks to win a game tournament, even one with an 87,000 prize, it is also totally realistic If you lo I won this book as Goodreads first readsI was pleasantly surprised by this story of gamers As a non gamer I was concerned that the jargon may be hard to follow, but fear not, Erika Mitchell made this easy to understand.
Sean Boxer, a writer and professional gamer, is heading to the biggest Starcraft 2 tournament in the world His arch rival nemesis, Norman MacArthur is desperate to win and will even use his position at the NSA to set Sean up.
With well fleshed out character it is easy to empathize and understand what makes them tick They are passionate gamers whose lives have and crimes require as much stragey as the game they love A gamer dream girl in the mix adds a bit of romance.
I would recommend this book to action fans and gamers alike.
I was excited to read Pwned for a while, but I knew that I had to carefully time it in my order of to read books It came with me on the honeymoon, where I got bogged down in that draggy piece of poo whose title rhymes with The Kelp I cleansed my mental palate , so to speak, with The Night Circus, at which time I was immediately ready for something light and fun to help me gradually breakaway from the dreamy world of the Circus.
Enter Pwned A Thriller, about an author gamer Immediately my nerd radar starts beeping with interest Honestly, I recommended it to my wedding photographer, as we d discussed his love of Starcraft at one of our photo sessions DISCLAIMER You do NOT have to be intimately acquainted with Starcraft 2 to enjoy this book Erika explains some of the game terminology and strategies, and you gradually can visualize what s happening just by osmosis The

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