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[ Read Online The Bell Witch: An American Haunting ↠´ words PDF ] by Brent Monahan ¾ Known Throughout Tennessee As Old Kate, The Bell Witch Took Up Residence With John Bell S Family In It Was A Cruel And Noisy Spirit, Given To Rapping And Gnawing Sounds Before It Found Its VoicesWith These Voices And Its Supernatural Acts, The Bell Witch Tormented The Bell Family This Extraordinary Book Recounts The Only Documented Case In US History When A Spirit Actually Caused A Man S DeathThe Local Schoolteacher, Richard Powell, Witnessed The Strange Events And Recorded Them For His Daughter His Astonishing Manuscript Fell Into The Hands Of Novelist Brent Monahan, Who Has Prepared The Book For Publication Members Of The Bell Family Have Previously Provided Information On This Fascinating Case, But This Book Recounts The Tale With Novelistic Vigor And Verve It Is Truly Chilling I m not sure how I feel about this book I read it twice when I was younger and was obsessed with it I went through a phase where I gobbled up anything and everything about poltergeists It was definitely a little creepy, but I think what kept this from being a four star read for me was knowing that this isn t an actual manuscript, but rather one that Monahan conjured based off of the true story whether you believe in the supernatural or not See, when I was younger, I didn t know that and it made this story infinitesimally scarier With that said, I think that Monahan did a great job at holding true to how Powell would have spoken written during that time period There is a feeling of authenticity to it that does allow for the creep factor to settle in, and I feel like Monahan does an excellent job at making this seem as real as possible I The terrible ending ruined any interest in this book I had Also I am not thrilled that a book touted as being non fiction it is not is not non fiction I got this book because it was recommended to me by someone who suggested this for books about ghost stories and haunted houses This fictionalized story is told in the first person by Richard Powell The author, Brent Monahan, takes a first person narrative approach by having Richard Powell address a letter to his daughter to be read after his death and only if his wife, her mother, Betsy Bell Powell seems to become afflicted All of the characters in this book existed The author took the documented cases of the Bell Witch and tried to turn what happened into a made for tv movie that would appear on Lifetime with an older Richard Powell in love with Betsey but heartsick over their age difference and the fact she was in love with a loca

What an interesting read If you believe in supernatural phenomenon then this book is right up your alley 4 stars.
I picked up this non fiction in the hopes of reading it during October 2018 as it is about hauntings However this is of a poltergeist story.
The book starts off with our author getting a call from an old college friend about a sealed manuscript found in an attic According to the finder of said manuscript, she did not know whether the contents were legit Brent Monaghan went through the process of researching the legitimacy of the accounts and have included the entire manuscript for us to read As a reader, it was a compelling story as a believer anything is possible with the right motivation.
I wont say about the haunting becau Scary at the start Then it drags on But towards the end, it makes the homerun Bigtime I did not see it coming Almost all the questions answered sufficiently Then it delivers the knockout with this as the very last sentence There is much that can and should be learned from here.
That line from a horror story book Yes, sir This is a horror story with a heart Not like the usual horror movie with scaring the hell out of you as the only intent An American Haunting The Bell Witch is a long letter of a father to his daughter found in an attic of a house where this urban legend in Robertson County, Tennessee supposedly happened in 1871 1821 The letter was written by Richard Powell to his daughter by the Betsy Bell Betsy is this young lady who is being protected by the witch against her father, John Bell The witch, called fi

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