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Download Epub Format · The Slayer PDF by · Nadine LaPierre I enjoyed this book for the most part the characters were interesting, the mystery dark and mysterious and though it was pretty clear about the love interest, I was impressed by the twist for the killer Also the comeuppance of the lab tech was delicious I was a little annoyed that the friendship was only strained by the betrayal briefly Danielle was really screwed over but she got over it pretty quick Also when Danielle was finally breaking up with her awful partner, she was clearly interested in Lilly that was completely dropped upon meeting Nathalie Lilly was also pretty nonchalant about Nat considering that she spent so much time wooing her in the beginning There were a few too many red herrings and the description of what happened to Nathalie as a child was a little unnecessary in its absolute horror A solid mystery, happily set in Canada This trash is not fun Indeed.
I can t remember the last time I gave a book an amazing rating but this book deserves it The plot, the characters, the setting, the author s writing style, it all comes together to create one great read About halfway through right through to the end I was so into it I hated to put it down The beginning introduces you to RCMP Constable Renaud and her best friend a prosecutor It grabs your attention right away with details of the cold murder case Const Renaud is investigating and her personal life which totally unravels at a time when she needs to concentrate most on her job.
The journey Const Renaud then goes on is filled with drama, bits of comedy, loads of mystery and suspense With some romance between WOW This is one writer I definitely want to readof Honestly one of the best books I ve ever read I could even feel the characters follow me when I walked from one room to another There are twists and turns, surprises that keep you wondering what s coming next I loved everything about this book It s a great mystery but there s a lotthan that going on It s hard to describe this book without spoiling the story for anyone who hasn t read it but it s an excellent book that I would highly recommend.

I loved this books on many different levels.
It was full of suspense but it also made me laugh, even made me cry in a couple of places, but most of all, it really made me think about the people we interact with everyday and may not even know what struggles or pain they might be carrying with them The writing is great, the plot really held my interest, and the characters were really well done as well I loved that they had very distinct personalities and it was a treat to delve into the make up of each one.
My rating for this book is 4.
5 stars but it wasn t an option.
The story and plot was great and I expected no less than great from Nadine however, in order to be honest, I have to say that she is capable of doing much better The book really needed editing so I guess we re to blame the editor.
Complex clever read that had me glued Loved it Wishbooks were like this Unique, interesting, suspenseful and dramatic.
There were elements in this book that were well done I got a few surprises and the mystery was actually pretty well plotted out with a fair number of reasonable red herrings I didn t figure it out before the author wanted me to the big reveal which had its own twists and turns There s a lot going on in this book and I had a hard time figuring out in the first half what the point was and I think a tighter editing of the storylines condensing or removing a number of the scenes plots in the first half of the book and somehow integrating the info dumps a bitsmoothly into the narrative This is intended to be a series and some of the stuff could have revealed in later books, other stuff just wasn t relevant to the story at hand Despite the length, I never really got a good sense of Danielle and, other than A Year And A Half Ago A Woman S Body Was Found Floating In The Heart Shaped Pond Of A Halifax City Park Since Then The Case Has Grown Colder Than The North Atlantic With No Leads, No Suspects, And Under Pressure To Solve The Case, The Cold Case Unit Is So Desperate They Ve Resorted To A Very Long Shot A Long Shot Named Danielle Renaud RCMP Constable Danielle Renaud Is Thrilled When She S Finally Given The Chance To Prove Herself Worthy Of A Permanent Position In Major Crimes But Be Careful What You Wish For What Starts Off As A Thrilling New Assignment For Danielle Quickly Turns Into A Nightmare As Everything Around Her Once Predictable Life Begins To Unravel Including Her Same Sex Relationship Lilly Marsh Is A Beautiful Mi Kmaq Crown Attorney Working On Danielle S Side Of The Law Or Is She Could Her Own Ambitions Be So Lofty That She D Sabotage Her Best Friend S Case To Further Her Own Career Though It Might Not Matter Since Danielle Might Get Done In By Her Own Inexperience First If She Doesn T Learn Quickly From Her Mistakes, That Is As Danielle Unveils The Depths Of Her Complicated Case Layer By Layer, She Must Decipher Where To Put Her Trust And Learn Some Valuable Lessons, Or She Too Might End Up Getting Slayed After All, Not All Slayings Are Of The Body Some Are Of The Heart And Soul

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