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[ Pdf Train Your Brain, Transform Your Life Ä ethnography PDF ] by Nicky Vanvalkenburgh ↠´ AdvertisementVanValkenburgh uses her book to promote an Attentive Living through Energizing, Restorative Audio Visual Entrainment Device ALERT light and sound machine that is able to cure Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD in two months This is a two hundred plus page infomercial The book contains a list of references and recommended readings related to ADHD and the brain The book needs editing for punctuation and awkward sentences.

This Book Reveals Five Brain Boosters That Enable You To Conquer Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD In Days, Without Ritalin It S A Revolutionary Brain Training Method That Is Safe, Reliable, Easy And Effective It S So Easy, That You Can Do It While Lying Flat On Your Back, With Your Eyes Closed It S Been Described As The Lazy Way To Get Rid Of ADHD However, It S Also A Brain Training Method That S Based In Neurotherapy, And Is Supported By An Impressive Review Of Literature In This Book, You Ll Discover Three Ways That Ritalin Stimulates And Arouses The Brain, And How You Can Get The Same Results Without Swallowing Pills How To Train Your Brain To Restore Its Electro Chemical Balance And Produce A Stable Supply Of Neurotransmitters Such As Dopamine And Serotonin An Audio Visual Rhythm That Has Been Clinically Proven To Reduce ADHD It S Used In Brain Training Clinics Through Out The Country, And May Be The Biggest Breakthrough In Noninvasive Medicine In The Last Years Now You Can Practice And Master This Rhythm In The Comfort Of Your Own Home, Without Ever Stepping Foot Inside A Clinic Why Your Brain Interprets ADHD As Normal, And Works To Maintain Bad Habits Like Impulsivity, Distraction And Restless Energy Discover How You Can Interrupt Your ADHD Patterns, And Create New Neural Pathways For Peak Performance As You read This Book, You Ll Realize That You Have Every Reason To Be Upbeat And Optimistic About Overcoming ADHD It S Time To Train Your Brain And Transform Your Life

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