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é In the Name of Salome Á Download by ↠´ Julia Alvarez The Barnes Noble Review La Musa De La Patria In Recent Years, Novelists Mona Simpson Anywhere But Here , Karla Kuban Marchlands And Susannah Moore My Old Sweetheart , Among Numerous Others, Have Memorably Explored The Mother Daughter Relationship, Showing Us The Conflicted, Often Painful Intersections Of The Lives Of Their Multigenerational Characters But In Julia Alvarez S New Novel, In the Name of Salome, The Mother, Dominican Poet And Political Muse Salom Ure A, Only Lives Long Enough To Hear Her Three Year Old Daughter Camila Recite One Of Her Consumptive Mother S Poems What We Get, Then, Is A Compelling Work Of Fiction Based On Remarkably Tireless Research And Shaped By Camila S Reach Into The Past, Into Her Mother S History And Her Mother S Place In History, In Order To Make Sense Of The Choices She Has Made About Her Own A Masterful Manipulator Of Time, Alvarez Alternates Points Of View, Shuttling Us Not Only Back And Forth Between Salom And Camila, But Also Moving Us Forward In Salome S Life As She Moves Us Backward In Camila S Salom Writes In Secret As A Child, Publishes Briefly Under A Pseudonym And Soon Emerges As Herself, A Figure Of Inspiration For A Nation But All The While She Longs For That Other Kind Of Passion, The One Her Family And Her Readers Would Like To Believe She Is Above The Passionate Love Of A Man Sadly, Though She Finds That Love In Papancho, He Is Never Fully Hers He Belongs In Turn To His Country, To His Studies, And Inevitably To Another Woman How Salom Withstands Losing This Managain Andagain Has To Do With What We All Withstand Wisely And Unwisely In The Name Of Love Camila Writes Poetry Only As A Mature Woman As A Child Her Life Is Shaped By The Political Values That Shape Papancho S Life Those Values Find Only Cautious Expression In The US Where She Studies At The University Of Minnesota And Later Becomes A Professor At Vassar But In Cuba, Where She Spends The Last Years Of Her Life, She Fulfills The Dream Of Both Her Mother And Father As A Vital And Dedicated Participant In Fidel Castro S Revolutionary Experiment Through Skillful Mechanics Alvarez Makes Characters Of Time Itself And The History That Marks It And What Troubling History It Is, Spanning Over Years In The Life Of The Dominican Republic, Where The Government Changes Hands With As Much Frequency As A Se Orita Changes Her Linens, And Depending On The President, The Pantheon Of Heroes Changes, One Regime S Villain Is The Next One S Hero, Until The Word Hero, Like The Word Patria, Begins To Mean Nothing But If History Renders Language Meaningless, What Is Left Only The Struggle To Make Meaning, And Only Love Makes That Struggle Real And Worthwhile On This Matter Mother And Daughter Agree So This Is Also A Love Story, In Which Salom Discovers That She Will Give Up Everything Her Writing, Her Social Activism, Finally Her Health For The Man She Loves, And Camilla Discovers That She Will Sacrifice Her Secure Teaching Position In The US The Approval Of Family, Friends And Erstwhile Lovers For The Very Thing Her Mother S Passionate Poetry Taught Her Love For The Land And The People Who Give Life To It Alvarez S Skillful Prose Styling Distinguishes The Two Women Not Only Through The Details Of Their Lives But Also Through Their Meticulously Wrought Voices Moreover, Just As Interesting As What Distinguishes Them From One Another Is What Unites Them The Pull Of Public Life On Their Private Lives And The Challenges Presented By The Conventions That Govern Their Lives As Women And They And We Thrill Equally To The Ultimate Discovery We Re All Reaching For, That Hushed And Holy Momentwhen The Word Becomes Flesh In A Book Rich In Extended Metaphor, Where Poetry And Idealism Play A Huge Role, We Are Never Encumbered With Abstraction This Is A Writer Going At Full Tilt Wry, Wise, Ironic, Forgiving She, Like Both The Women Of This Novel, Is An Educator, Though Neither Didactic Nor Condescending Even Though We Know From The Beginning The Details About The End Of Both Mother S And Daughter S Lives, Alvarez Manages To Sustain An Air Of Suspense Throughout, The Point Being Not What Happens, But How It Comes About, And At What Cost Susan Thames Is The Author Of A Book Of Short Stories, AS MUCH AS I KNOW Her Novel I Ll Be Home Late Tonight Was A Barnes Noble Discover Great New Writers Selection Based on my daughter s handwriting on the note I was using as a bookmark, I first started this book when she was 4, nine years ago It was a time where between children and work and the introduction of smart phones, I was starting to lose the ability to read books, and I didn t make it far in this one With the passing of time and purposeful focus, I ve relearned to read books and started this one over from the beginning I can see why this one wasn t well paired for me at that time The skipping around in time across two women s lifetimes needs focus to keep track of the characters, the geopolitics and plot events But with attention this go round, I really enjoyed the book I liked how contemporary the voice is for both women even though many of the events take place than 100 years ago At core, it s a character driven book of family connections in a specific geopo This is an extraordinary book The fictional account of a real family from the Dominican Republic, the book follows the lives of both famed poet Salome Urena de Henriquez and her daughter, Camila I particularly loved its structure the chapters alternate between Salome and Camila s point of view, and while Salome s story starts at the beginning of her life and progresses toward the end, Camila s proceeds backwards Salome dies when Camila is very young, yet the two women have a profound effect on each other, so it only makes sense that book s structure leads them to each other, to the brief time that mother and daughter have to spend together The political struggles of the Dominican Republic and Cuba play a large role here, but Alvarez wisely emphasizes the complicated relationship between mothers and daughters, particularly for the Ure a fue poeta durante algunos de los a os m s importantes en Republica Domicana, cuando, despu s de independizarse de Hait , volvi a ser colonia de Espa a un tiempo para tener protecci n Todos sus hijos ocuparon grandes cargos o fueron grandes intelecturales, entre los cuales sorprend a Camila Salom , la menor, que obtuvo un doctorado en Cuba, fue conferencista en Am rica Latina, profesora en Vassar y termin su carrera en la Universidad de La Habana y dando clases en su tierra natal Nunca hab a o do hablar de ninguna de las dos Por una serie de casualidades In the Name of Salom fue el libro por el que acab conociendo a Julia Alvarez Su obra m s reconocida es How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents C mo las chicas Garc a perdieron sus acentos , justo el libro que le inmediatamente despu s, tambi n gracias a una serie de casualidades En la biblioteca lo liberaron cuando We have a five star In the Name of Salome is a novel that takes the reader through a journey of 100 years of Caribbean history featured are real historical people and events so you get a good dose of history lessons The book is told in 2 perspectives, opening with Camila Henriquez Ure a, age 60 in 1960 as she leaves her job teaching in Vassar College to travel to Cuba were young revolutionary Fidel Castro is urging people to come and join him Camila is the daughter of famed poetess, Salome Ure a the national poet of Dominican Republic The second perspective is from Salome s POV which is narrated in 1st person Salome s story is told in linear form from 1858 to the moment of her death Camila s story starts in 1960 and goes back in time so that both women met when Salome dies and A pensive book, seen through the lens of a daughter who lost a famous mother at a young age Having known a couple people like that minus the famous part of the mother , I found the character true to reality, having that nebulous uncertain quality that seeks to entwine her identity with the ungraspable mother Usually, I like stronger characters, bold and decisive ones But, situated against a backdrop of revolutions with passion pouring out of everyone else s ears, the contrast of the character was subtle and beautiful.
I read this for a book club and didn t realize until the end that it was based on a true story I think I would have been less annoyed by some of the storyline if I had known that up front In the Name of Salome is written about a famous poet from the Dominican Republic and her daughter My favorite thing about this book is its unique structure The chapters alternate between the mother s story told in the first person and the daughter s story told in the third person , but they also mirror each other from front to back both in timeline and chapter title For example, the first chapter for the mother El ave y el nido is about the mother when she is born, whereas the last chapter of the book Bird and Nest is about the daughter when she is born The book progresses as the mother ages and as the daughter s story is told in reverse starting when she is an elderly woman and workin Once again the book club selection this month took me to a place that I know very little about, the Dominican Republic This is a historical fiction novel based on real people, with literary liberties taken by Ms Alvarez for a bit of interest.
The story follows Salome Urena, the national poet of DR during its early days of independence from Spain, and her only daughter, Salome Camila The book begins with Camila in her sixties, retiring from her teaching position at a university and trying to figure out what to do with her life She looks to her mother s poems, who died when she was only three years old, for clues Her story line continues to go backwards, as far back as her earliest memories just before her mother s death Salome s story starts from her earliest memories as a child and goes forward to her death.
At first, this unusual time shift in the novel was unsettling and d I love Julie Alvarez She develops her characters so so well you want to know what happens to them and then don t want to story to end.
review by Debbis Lee Wesselman This deeply imaginative portrait of the Dominican poet Salome Urena and her daughter Camila captures the people behind the revolutions in the Dominican Republic and Cuba without idealizing them, without relegating them to mouths spouting political dogma As Salome says to her young husband when he chides her for writing a non revolutionary poem, I am a woman as well as a poet This is exactly what Alvarez accomplishes an adept melding of the public and private sides of her characters to give her book real heart.
This novel spans over a hundred years, from the 1850 s the beginn I m finally done with this book It didn t take that long to read, but it felt like forever, because I really want to give my attention to Called Out of Darkness Randy told me to read this because he is teaching it, so Randy if you have some insights, I d love to hear them Alternating between the stories of two women, a mother, national poet of the Dominican Republic, that s the title I give her and her daughter who never knew her mother except through legends, letters and her mother s poetry Mom, Salome, died when daughter, Camila was 3 Salome s life was heartbreaking I thought, mainly because her husband was a cad and in love with causes than he ever was with her Camila s life was harder to pin down, mainly because the chapters about her life seemed like glimpses, tantalizing ones, but then you d just get into her story and it

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