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å For Her Honour ¶ Download by Ê Cerise DeLand Book Two In The Swords Of Passion SeriesWhen A King S Man Claims A Woman He Shouldn T Have, He Chains Her To Him Anyway With Bonds Of Desire That Rival All The King S MenWill Dunwick Takes One Look At Lush Widow Blanche Bergeron And Knows She Can Never Be HisBut When She Runs From Him And He Chains Her To Him Lest She Flee Again He Binds Himself To Her Body, Heart And SoulCan Will Free Himself Of His Obsession Or Will Both Of Them Lose Their Lives For A Love Affair They Should Never Have Consummated I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
When I read the first book of this series, I kind of thought that book was a bit tame when it came to the sex scenes I mean, yes, there were some steamy portions in that book, of course However, I was actually expecting a lotthan what i got The first book was in fact, a bit sweet, what with the childhood love and all that This second book is a littleraw for me.
First, there wasn t really any love between the main characters to start with It wasn t like they were in love with each other when they were younger Actually, he was just tasked to escort her to her new husband as decreed by the King It is here that their romance begins and became a fire that scorched the two of them.
What I like about this book was the fact that there wasn t a lot of hot and col

The Swords of Passion series continues with Will and Blanche Blanche is widowed and will is sent to escort her to her new husband as decreed by King John She finds him attractive but resents him for what the king has sent him to do He finds her extremely courageous and falls in lust with her They fight back and forth, she runs, he chases Ultimately they give in to their desires, very raw and he very well enjoyed tutoring her in new pleasures And in the end they have to play a game of chess with the king if they are to come out victorious.
Lovely, lovely story Ms Cerise again delights me in her historical knowledge, I felt like I was there and living in that time period Very hot scenes were descriptive and very well written.
When these two get together there is instant fire between them both good and bad Their fight and flight scene was sexy and funny all rolled into one Full Review here

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