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[ Pdf Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism ✓ intensive-care PDF ] by Andrew David Naselli Ò This book is worth it, if only to read Kevin Bauder s chapter on Fundamentalism If all fundamentalists were as willing to study to and form their views with an intellectual astuteness minus the attitude, then many would be willing to remain under this label.
It s always frustrating to hear on the news Evangelicals believe because that term is either very generic or very specific depending on who you ask I never really thought about it before, but the term evangelical is actually a highly contested term As I read this book, I thought evangelicalism might be a lot like jazz Jazz is a genre of music that has a variety of subgenres So for example, when you say I m listening to jazz , that doesn t really tell you anything Are you listening to latin jazz Straight ahead Fusion Bebop Free The possibilities are vast in this world In the same way, I think this book is a lot like that There are many, many forms of evangelicalism and each has a particular view of what makes a person evangelical What convictions does one have to hold to be an evangelical Where are the boundaries and what is central What of differing opinions This Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism Compares And Contrasts Four Distinct Positions On The Current Fundamentalist Evangelical Spectrum In Light Of The History Of American Fundamentalism And EvangelicalismThe Contributors Each State Their Case For One Of Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism Kevin T Bauder Fundamentalism R Albert Mohler Jr Conservative Confessional Evangelicalism John G Stackhouse Jr Generic Evangelicalism Roger E Olson Postconservative EvangelicalismEach Author Explains His Position, Which Is Critiqued By The Other Three Authors The Interactive And Fair Minded Nature Of The Counterpoints Format Allows The Reader To Consider The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Each View And Draw Informed, Personal ConclusionsThe Counterpoints Series Provides A Forum For Comparison And Critique Of Different Views On Issues Important To Christians Counterpoints books Address Two Categories Church Life And Bible And Theology Complete Your Library With Other books In The Counterpoints Series Simply GroundbreakingThere is no other book like this book Everyone knows that substantial differences exist under the evangelical label These differences have been written about for years Even Systematic Theologians e.
, Erickson and Geisler have taken a stab at explaining them, albeit not to the satisfaction of the groups being described People have fought over these differences and divided over these differences, but no one has allowed each major proponent present his case for his own view This work, in the mind of this reviewer, is nothing less than groundbreaking It is groundbreaking for a number of reasons First, it selects from a broad range of viewpoints Most works thus far may have focused on the conservative evangelical and generic evangelical debate, but few have Written by four contributors and two editors, this books captures a bird s eye view of the theological fault lines at the borders of some of the major tribes within American evangelicalism Fundamentalism, confessional evangelicalism, generic evangelicalism, and post conservative evangelicalism are represented in the debate All make points I found helpful or interesting, and made generous comments at key moments I found surprising and warm The editors make it clear that the entirety of the spectrum is not represented, which is apparent to the contributors and any reader familiar with nuance to the evangelical world However, enough ground is covered to show that there is indeed a real spectrum, that the issues are not trivial, and that it s not likely to unify in a way that would be agreed upon by any s I was thrilled to receive this book to review from Zondervan because of its content and scope Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism I m excited for this book for the reason Collin Hansen writes in the introduction all is not so clear within the evangelical camp either Simply labeling ourselves evangelical no longer suffices We are conservative, progressive, post conservative, and pre progressive evangelicals We are traditional, creedal, biblical, pietistic, anti creedal, ecumenical, and fundamentalist We are followers of Christ and Red Letter Christians 9 And then the kicker We are everything, so we are nothing 9 Exactly.
There is this sense nowadays, at least from my estimation, that the term evangelical means little to nothing because it means so much Contemporary expressions of evangelicalism seem to be moving in several directions all at once And it doesn The individual articles are a little disappointing but the book as a whole is a great stimulus for thinking deeply about what it means to be Evangelical It does a good job introducing you to some of the fundamental questions, even if the answers do not always represent what is typical of or even the best of the various viewpoints.
4 different versions as to what constitutes an evangelical Agreements and disagreements are plentiful Seems like straining at gnats.
much like the Pharisees of the New Testament Tribalism demonstrated.
Obtained a free copy during a book promotion.

Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism is part of the Counterpoints series published by Zondervan The books in this series are designed to bring together people of different views to combine their writing into one volume The format includes an essay from each of the contributors, with a short response the other writers after each essay The editors of this book, Collin Hansen and Andrew Naselli, have gathered four fine representatives, both for their academic credentials as well as their life experience and perspective on evangelicalism The editors helpfully try to limit the scope of the book by suggestion three common topics for the writers to discuss that have recently been contested in evangelicalism Evangelicals and Catholics Together, open theism, and penal substitutionary atonement These topics allow them to explain their views on cooperat A very useful book on the topic of what is an evangelical I have to agree with Niselli s conclusion that there are really two main views rather than four I found Bauder s writing to be very laborious to read while Mohler s was much fluid As one who grew up solidly in the fundamentalist camp and now identifies closely with Mohler s view of confessional evangelicalism , I think that myself and many of my contemporaries who ve also distanced from fundamentalism would be accepting to it if of the movement were like what Bauder presented However, most in the fundamentalist camp tend to be the extremes he identified as revivalist or hyper fundamentalist.
Worth the time to read and consider and spark good discussions.

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