Trailer ☆ Trillions PDF by ¶ Nicholas Fisk

Trailer ☆ Trillions PDF by ¶ Nicholas Fisk My dad used to take me to the Library almost every weekend I remember one weekend at the downtown Los Angeles library I stopped running around the facility and made my way to the children s book section.
This is the book I picked up I remember reading it non stop and still remember it fondly.
We have millions, We have billions, We have Trillions This short 1971 work is Fisk s second published novel and bears some similarities to its predecessor Mysterious blue grains fall from space onto a seaside town, and then the rest of the planet, where the children play with them and call them Trillions Two nerdy boys named Scott and Bem for Bug Eyed Monster discover that they re microscopic gears and their girl friend Panda finds that they re able to organise themselves intelligently into patterns There s a media frenzy and divers discover that they have formed into a giant fort on the nearby sea bed The military move in while Scott befriends a world weary astronaut who was badly burned on a space mission and is now a professor Scott manages to establish communication with the Trillions via writing, getting them to form letter shapes and they tell him they or Trillions Were Hard, Bright, Tiny Things Which Suddenly Arrived, Millions And Millions And Millions Fo Them, One Windy Day In A Village Called HarbourtownNo One Could Explain Them, Much Less Why They Had Suddenly Arrived Were They A Blessing, As Their Beauty Suggested, Or A Deadly, Inexplicable Threat A Boy With A Microscope Was Just As Likely To Come Up With The Answer As All The Acknowledged Experts In Any Known Kind Of Science, So Somehow It Seemed Natural For Two Ordinary Boys, Scott And Bem, To Join Forces With An Ex Spaceman Against The Frightening Efforts Of The Ruthless General Harman To Destroy The Trillions, No Matter What The CostThis Tense And Highly original Book Is By The Author Of Six Other Exciting Favourites, Space Hostages , Grinny , Time Trap , A Rag, A Bone And A Hank Of Hair And Wheelie In The Stars Bad writing, bad science even for 1971 , poor characterizations, and a tedious, nonsensical plot I had a longer review but it didn t post, but that covers it all I was disappointed because I ve read other books by Fisk and enjoyed them This is not one of his winners.
An old childhood favorite of mine Rereading it after such a long time is quite a trip down memory lane for me.
The book still holds up, even though i perceive some elements quite different now It does lack a bit of depth, but i can fogive that.
A short little book about strange, alien technology falling on earth and how the world reacts to it as seen through the eyes of a group of 8 to 13 years olds Given the book s age, it s hard to call it stereotypical because sci fi troupes didn t exist in the 1970 s Reading it with modern eyes, though, it feels like a standard entry in the genre Not bad, just not all that memorable I wouldn t recommend it to adults, but if you re looking for short, child friendly sci fi, then give it s a good introduction to the genre.
I am in the middle of this books so I will review when finished So fProgress report It has not improved I will probably finish, as it is a short book One problem about reviewing children s books is I am an adult The idea is fairly good for this book strange crystal creature appear everywhere on earth, the characters are only average But, no doubt, when I was 10 I woul have loved it.
This was written in 1971 does show how much sf for children has improved nowadays.
Finished I am reluctantly giving it a 2 star rating at the idea was clever and there are good bits here and there However, there are so much better Sf books out there for children.

I first read this when I was 10 years old It was one of the first books I borrowed from my high school library, and the first time I was aware of reading a science fiction story I liked it enough then to go on to readof Fisk s books, and to devour the SF sections of the school and public libraries I came across it yesterday in a charity shop, and at 50c I couldn t refuse Let s see if I enjoy it as much now as I did then Hmm Best left as a fond memory, I think.
What a beguiling and sophisticated book this is I read Nicholas Fisk voraciously as a child and when I saw this in a charity shop with the evocative 1980s reprint cover, not the unappealing and frankly misleading new one I snapped it up.
I do remember finding it a bit obtuse when I was younger and no wonder the substance of the book is all themes and ideas, with characters and story sketched out with a minimum of fuss That is, on the whole, a strength, and actually the characters are no weaker for it, especially Scott Houghton who comes over as fully formed even though details about his family and day to day life are pretty much ignored we are told he keeps bees, but we never see him doing it.
Which means we are thrown right into the situation, and again what it means is a lotimportant than what happens In effect that turns into an exploration o I read this as a first edition, which I still have somewhere A cracking read for any child, it s the story of what happens when humans encounter an alien species or life form that we don t understand.
Sometimes it takes a child s eye view to make sense of things Children trust and explore, where adults want to destroy I have very fond memories of this novel, and I m sure it influenced me It s a timeless story, and I think any child would enjoy it I wonder if ET owes something to it in terms of an idea And I mean make sense.

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