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Trailer ¹ The Sleeping Doll PDF by ô Jeffery Deaver When Special Agent Kathryn Dance A Brilliant Interrogator And Kinesics Expert With The California Bureau Of Investigation Is Sent To Question The Convicted Killer Daniel Son Of Manson Pell As A Suspect In A Newly Unearthed Crime, She Feels Both Trepidation And Electrifying Intrigue Pell Is Serving A Life Sentence For The Brutal Murders Of The Wealthy Croyton Family In Carmel Years Earlier A Crime Mirroring Those Perpetrated By Charles Manson In The S But Pell And His Cult Members Were Sloppy Not Only Were They Apprehended, They Even Left Behind A Survivor The Youngest Of The Croyton Daughters, Who, Because She Was In Bed Hidden By Her Toys That Terrible Night, Was Dubbed The Sleeping DollBut The Girl Never Spoke About That Night, Nor Did The Crime S Mastermind Indeed, Pell Has Long Been Both Reticent And Unrepentant About The Crime And So With The Murderer Transported From The Capitola Superprison To An Interrogation Room In The Monterey County Courthouse, Dance Sees An Opportunity To Pry A Confession From Him For The Recent Murder And To Learn About The Depraved Mind Of This Career Criminal Who Considers Himself A Master Of Control, A Dark Svengali, Forcing People To Do What They Otherwise Would Never Conceive Of Doing In An Electrifying Psychological Jousting Match, Dance Calls Up All Her Skills As An Interrogator And Kinesics Body Language Expert To Get To The Truth Behind Daniel PellBut When Dance S Plan Goes Terribly Wrong And Pell Escapes, Leaving Behind A Trail Of Dead And Injured, She Finds Herself In Charge Of Her First Ever Manhunt But Far From Simply Fleeing, Pell Turns On His Pursuers And Other Innocents For Reasons Dance And Her Colleagues Can T Discern As The Idyllic Monterey Peninsula Is Paralyzed By The Elusive Killer, Dance Turns To The Past To Find The Truth About What Daniel Pell Is Really Up To She Tracks Down The Now Teenage Sleeping Doll To Learn What Really Happened That Night, And She Arranges A Reunion Of Three Women Who Were In His Cult At The Time Of The Killings The Lies Of The Past And The Evasions Of The Present Boil Up Under The Relentless Probing Of Kathryn Dance, But Will The Truth About Daniel Pell Emerge In Time To Stop Him From Killing Again I was really intrigued by the character of Kathryn Dance in Cold Moon Having a character that uses kinesics in order to get witnesses and suspects to open up and or confess.
In The Sleeping Doll we getinformation on the character of Kathryn Dance She works at the California Bureau of Investigation think of a state office set up like the FBI and is about to interrogate a man who murdered a family decades earlier Daniel Pell Pell is seen as similar to Charles Manson due to having his own family teenage girls who he commanded to steal from stores and homes in order to support the family When new information comes up linking Pell to a murder Dance is set in to break him and get him to confess Too late Dance realizes that Pell is up to something and then he escapes This books follows Dance s efforts to track down and This was my first book by Jeffery Deaver and I enjoyed it very much I really liked his main character, Kathryn Dance She is strong and smart and able to out think all the baddies including the ones who were supposed to be on her own side Most crime novels finish straight after the death or capture of the main criminal This one went on for a couplevery interesting chapters as ends were tied up and twist followed twist to the story A great incentive to readof his books.
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Number 1 in the Kathryn Dance series.
Kathryn Dance is a special agent for the CBI, California Bureau of Investigation, specialising in kinesics This is the science of reading body language, used in interrogations to discern whether a interviewee is telling the true or not Kathryn is one of the few people that can do this and so is in high demand.
Nine years ago a family is callously murdered, baring the youngest child, The Sleeping Doll of the story, by a Manson like family The leader, Daniel Pell, of the family is arrested and convicted to serve a life sentence in prison New information comes to light that he may have caused an other murder and is brought from maximum security to a small detention center to be interview by Agent Dance Pell makes a successful daring escape, with the help of a female accomp I am not all that familiar with Deaver s work, but one thing I liked most about this book is the way that is flowed There was none of that long drawn out unnecessary hoopla I love that Deaver is very good at stringing his readers along to feel as though a mystery has finally been solved But when the reader gets comfortable with that, they discover that one mystery runs straight into another keeping the reader constantly guessing and constantly turning the pages I also love that as well When I read a mystery, I want there to be A LOT of mystery going on Deaver gave me that in large doses with this book.
The premise of the story was great It was a constant race to figure out what was going to happen, and who wa An absolute let down from the stables of Jeffery Deaver In The Sleeping Doll, Mr Deaver starts off his series with Kathryn Dance, an expert in kinesics based investigation Unfortunately, Mr Deaver s depth of knowledge in kinesics falls totally short when compared to his expertise in forensics with the Lincoln Rhyme series.
Having said so, Kathryn Dance is a character who turns to be to be nothingthan an endearing individual, a CBI agent, a widow and a mother of two She is nowhere close to a menacing investigator or a relentless pursuer This book isof a mega mun hunt than an tight investigative journey Laced with numerous lucky breaks , this man hunt simply fails to deliver It has no pace, no looking forward to what s going to happen next and completely devoid of any OMG moments Mr Deaver does attempt to cook up a few twists towards the end of Jeffery Deaver is a great crime novelist and the heroin in this series, Kathryn Dance, is an interesting character I think the stand out for me in this story was the villain and the mystery behind who was the true villain.
This book introduces us to Special Agent Katherine Dance of California Bureau of Investigation She is an expert on interrogation and kinesics the study of the way in which certain body movements and gestures serve as a form of non verbal communication.
The book starts with an interrogation scene where Dance is interrogating Daniel Pell cult leader, master manipulator and cold blooded murderer Pell is serving a life sentence for murdering an entire family Only a little girl asleep in her bed and hidden by her dolls survived the massacre Anyway, some new evidence has come to light which can implicate Pell in another murder Thus, the interrogation But Pell has other tricks up his sleeves and flees, not before killing or grievously The Sleeping Doll was my first Jeffery Deaver read, and I was not disappointed I m on a mission now to read all of Deaver s work This book has so many twists and turns, several, OH MY GOSH moments I really enjoyed being surprised and shocked by many events which took place, but I also appreciated the fact with all of the twists and turns, they all made sense, fit together, and were well done Since this was my first Jeffery Deaver, I didn t really know what to expect Two of my best Goodreads friends, Janie and Chris, are the ones who turned me on to Deaver after expressing my interest in trying out the mystery thriller suspense genre After finishing The Sleeping Doll, I m so glad they did Deaver s writing flows so well, and has the perfect amount of description so you can see what is going on in your head, but it doesn t bog

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