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à Grave Sight #1 Ë Download by à Charlaine Harris At age 15, Harper Connelly was struck by lightning Ever since then, she can sense dead people s presence whenever she is around them, and can also tell how they they died The catch to this is that she cannot tell who killed them As an adult, she is pursuing this as a job, and her brother Tolliver is also tagging along She is called to a small town, and does exactly as she promises, and provides the answers that she discovers, but just after they leave the town, they are called back What does this town hold in store for them the second time around Let me note that I checked out the 1st 2 volumes of GS, just to see what Charlaine s writing is like, since I had heard so many good things about her Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampires series, but had never 4.
5 5 starsI read the Harper Connelly series years ago and loved it I just noticed that my library had the first three graphic novels Grave Sight 1 3 so I grabbed them.
If you loved this series then I would recommend reading these graphic novels The illustrations are gorgeous And the story is fast paced and easy to follow I loved this book The graphic novels Grave Sight 1 3 make up the first book Grave Sight in the Harper Connelly series So 1 and 2 end with to be continued.
Acclaimed New York Times Bestselling Author Charlaine Harris, The Writer Of The Sookie Stackhouse Series, Has Joined The Dynamite Entertainment Family With The First Book Of Her Hit Harper Connelly Series, Grave Sight For The Past Five Years, Readers Have Been Thrilled By The Harper Connelly Series Which Follows A Woman Who Has What You Might Call A Strange Job She Finds Dead People She Can Sense The Final Location Of A Person Who S Passed, And Share Their Very Last Moment The Way Harper Sees It, She S Providing A Service To The Dead While Bringing Some Closure To The Living But She S Used To Most People Treating Her Like A Blood Sucking Leech Traveling With Her Step Brother, Tolliver, As Manager And Sometime Bodyguard, She S Become An Expert At Getting In, Getting Paid, And Getting Out Fast Because For The Living It S Always Urgent Even If The Dead Can Wait Forever At The Age Of , Harper Connelly Was Struck By Lightning, An Event That Gave Her The Ability To Find The Dead And See How They Died Since Then, Harper S Scratched Out A Living Selling Her Services To Anyone With A Checkbook It S Not The Best Life, But It Beats The Alternative At Least Until Harper And Her Brother Tolliver Roll Into Sarne, Arkansas And Find Themselves Embroiled In A Murder Mystery My first Charlaine Harris I liked it, but golly it s short.
I enjoyed this one it actually had a pretty good plot with a satisfying ending Also can see where it will lead to some interesting future scenarios.
Somehow I happened upon Charlaine Harris at BEA 2018 and got an autographed copy of this graphic novel adaption from 2011 of her Harper Connelly series While the Sookie Stackhouse book series didn t hold my interest, I thought this was a fabulous format for her supernatural story ideas After an accident Harper Connelly can sense dead bodies and see how they met their demise Her and her brother are stuck in a towns drama and a new murder The art was professional, the story crisp and easy to follow, and it left me wanting the next volume immediately Fans of iZombie both the graphic novel and TV show will like this too Language sways adults over teens.
5 stars So let me start off by saying I haven t read the novels that this was based on I know, I know Big no no right off the bat A couple of things put me off this There was continuous relations and references to Christianity Let me make this very clear there is absolutely nothing wrong with Christianity or Christian Lit That being said, hi, my name s Emily, I m currently representing my crew of atheists The constant Do you think God approves of what you re doing was a little annoying, but it was the I ve asked myself that question every day of my life answer that just made me roll my eyes Mmmkay, movin on.
Somethings seemed to happen a little too easily Her brother getting out of court Waaayyy too easy Suspending my disbelief about Harper forgetting her wallet Yeah, no But of course the piece de r sistance, Hollis showing up at When Harper Connolly is struck on the head by lightning, she discovers that she has the ability to find dead people This becomes her job she gets paid to help people find the bodies of the missing.
Harper is an honest, decent and loyal person and she has to face the fact that most people do not believe in what she does and think that she is taking advantage of the bereaved.
Harper travels with her stepbrother to the Ozarks, to find a local missing teenager who is believed to be dead They are made to feel unwelcome by most of the locals Her stepbrother Tolliver ends up unfairly arrested and thrown in jail for no good reason and Harpers own life is put under threat.
Who would go to such lengths to want Harper and Tolliver out of the way to stop the truth from being revealed This is a great paranormal mystery It only touches lightly on

Seems as though a lot of books are getting the graphic novel treatment lately Unfortunately, not many of them are all that good This one is no exception I was never a huge fan of the Grave Sight series to start with, so that may have colored my opinion somewhat.
Or maybe it s just sucky One thing I really find annoying is that they always break the book up into volumes when they turn it into a graphic novel Teeny tiny volumes As in, it takes 15 minutes to read the whole thing What a rip off.
Don t waste your time on this unless you re just a huge fan of the series.
Grave Sight is a graphic novel adaptation of the first book in Charlaine Harris s paranormal Harper Connelly series Sight Volume 1 was released in June this year, with two instalments due for release the second instalment is coming in September When she was younger Harper Connelly was struck by lightning Ever since then, she has been able to sense death If she is near a dead body she can recount the final moments of the corpse s life, often giving clues as to the where, what, how and who of their death and often, murder Harper is the ultimate lemons into lemonade girl, turning her ability into a profession she along with her step brother, Tolliver tours the country, helping search for missing persons for a price When Grave Sight begins, Harper

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