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[Brian Clevinger] é Nuklear Age [evangelism PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Love This Book.
I love 8 bit theater It s one of the funniest webcomics I ve come across, with enjoyably stereotypical charaters and plenty of laughs.
When I found out Clevinger had a novel, I promptly decided to buy it I thought, since his webcomic is so great, his novel is probably great, too.
Nuklear Age is not a great novel In fact, it probably would have made a better webcomic that a book You see, so many things that make Clevinger s webcomic great make his book unsatisfying One dimensional characters are hillarious and easy to identify with It s so easy to chuckle at the crazy antics of Nuklear Man and his crew There are so many belly laugh moments in this book My personal favortie is a phone call from the devil himself And while it s hard to be bored while It S A Tale Of Incompetence In The Face Of Adversity Or Is It A Story Of Adversity In The Face Of Incompetence Well, Anyway, There S A Robot, A Giant Monster, A Line Of Evil Toys, A Mind Control Plot, Sub Orbital Death Beams, Kidnappers, Bad Movies, A Super Powered Gang, An Usurper, And A Maniacal Villain Hell Bent On World DominationNot All At Once, Though I Mean, Really, Could You Imagine Coordinating The Fight Scene Or Reading It You D Have To Take Notes Just To Keep Track Of Who Hit What And Why This wasn t a great book but then the ending came and it hurt me.
And then the sequel s never to be lost chapter came and it hurt me.
So I ll give it 4 stars, what the hell It needs 8bit illustrations This is one helluva hilarious book It s like the 8bit Theatre comic strip, but unillustrated and slightly literate Oh, and I guess it has characters And drama or something Whatever I m here for the hilarity, like when 50% of the people on the planet died instantly and for no reason Good times If you are wondering whether or not you should read this book, ask answer this one question Do you like clever stories with the bonus of superheros If the answer is Yes or a kinda or even a sure, but I m not sure about the superheros part Do yourself a favor and read this book Seriously It s that good.
Not the worst thing I ve read by far, it still has less editing issues than most of the retro self pub pulp out there, but it is nowhere near the current quality of the writer s work Clevinger should probably give it a polish re edit and republish it

If you love 8 bit theater, you ll love this.
Absolutely interminable until the last fifteen percent or so, when it unexpectedly turns impossible to put down Was it worth the tedium Hard to say But it was an experience, and much laughter occurred.
fantasticly funny, wonderfully odd

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